The Walking Dead

From Walking Dead to Fear…

I warn the fans, I only know The Walking Dead with the TV-Show.

I am watching this show since the first season and I immediately liked it. The design work, the performance of the actors and the quality of the zombies are really its strong points. The actors and the atmosphere always make up for some flaws in the screenplay.

Since the first season, the progression of our group of survivors have been interesting. Firstly overwhelmed by the zombies, the other survivors became gradually the worst enemies.

So we begin with a small weak group facing packs of zombies.
Then this group of survivors managed to settle in a farm, farm which be lost because of zombies.
After this, the group found a city with the Governor as leader, and you know what’s next ; total-annihilation.
So everyone moved to the prison for a new start. From the prison, the zombies are not really THE threat because with the sixth season we discover a new level of this post-apocalyptic world : the emergence of well-organized small societies.

Friends or foes, it changes everything. Rick thought that he may with his group solve the problem of Negan but have discovered with amazement that they were totally outnumbered. They stirred up a hornet’s nest which had too many hornets. The season ended with a duel to come between Negan’s group and the one Morgan and Carol met.

We saw the rise in power of the show toward a more important role for the human life. The zombies are progressively laid aside and their putrefaction shows it. The next season will surely show the fight of Rick’s group, caught between these two small societies in a war-political game where psychopaths of all kinds have a great power.


Fear the Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead go back to the beginning of the infection, still without explaining its causes.

I also like this show ; the world is still interesting with very good actors. Some more episodes and they could get the charisma of Walking Dead characters.

This sea trip is a good idea and if we can see the zombies infestation somewhere else than in the USA it can really complete the Walking Dead show.

However I was surprised and disappointed that the zombies infestation was so fast. I really liked the first episodes where we saw the panic and decay of the society threatened by this “virus”. I didn’t understand why we got so quickly to a post-apocalyptic world like The Walking Dead.

Lots of things could have happened with the growth of the infestation ; the rise in power of the army, the panic in the society, the Governement withdraw… Why did they wipe out all these ideas ? Two seasons would have allow to get the characters to live strong events and to show us in detail the consequences of the “virus” for the World, before going to the post-apo stage.

I hope the show will stay for a long time and I am waiting to see where the screeplay will lead us. However, I fear too many similarities with The Walking Dead show if chaos gets too sooner and that the characters become too fast zombie-killers like Rick or Daryl.

I hope to see inhabited cities, an infestation which has not spread all over the world and in the countryside, and military forces still able to give some interesting plots.


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