Savage Worlds (En)

Savage Worlds

Savage Words, this rules system made me like again the role-playing games, no less !

I play RPGs since my childhood and I only bought at that time the Shadowrun 2nd book. I never really liked the main RPGs books. Many complicated rules systems often promoting competition between the players and nitpicking about the rules

And one day, by a miracle, I  came upon this appealing short book in a RPGs store.

Energy, simplicity, wish to play, creativity, not expensive, user-friendly size, these are all the good points that came in my mind when I first read this book.

This rules system was and is still a terrific tool to create my settings and get my friends to discover the RPG. Around the table, this system promotes fun, laughs, heroism, while giving a large choice of evolution for the characters. The players are happy and everyone plays without a headache.

This rule system is really fun and easy to use. It uses the d4-d6-d8-d10-d12, which is really fun and not repetitive. The rules are really adjustable even by improvising and it is really easy to give your players what they want.
About probabilities, this rule system makes the job even if people in fond of mathematics might consider it a little bit unbalanced. The most important is that it brings fun and adventure, and this is what I expect from a RPG.

About improvisation Savage Worlds is a fantastic system for me who really like to improvise. You are not limited by technical points and with a few numbers you just have created what you wanted : a non-player character, an object, an enemy…
If you need to read a rule it is done in less than 5 minutes. If you don’t find what you were looking for or if the rule really doesn’t satisfy your players, in 5 minutes you should be able to create the good rule.

Of course the ruleset book will quickly shows its limits for a particular setting, but Pinnacle Entertainment has published a huge amount of settings and you will surely find what you need.
Like I already said, you will more over be able to adapt with ease you favored movie, video game or book by creating your own gear, characters and rules. You will also find a lot of free stuff on internet, you could start by looking on my website 😉

As for me, all my RPGs are played with the Savage Worlds’ rules. I am also the dungeon master on a D&D5th table and I am working on my own system, mainly thought like Savage Worlds but with a lot of modifications to satisfy my own way of playing a RPG. I will make an article on it when it will be done and it will allow me to create my own games, not only settings.

The last word : you want to try, give another chance or simplify the RPGs, buy Savage Worlds !

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