Star Wars

Read this review you shall do !

Easy, I admit, but this is Yoda style, the best.

My first word on Star Wars is that it is not science-fiction.
Why ?
Where is the science ?
The core concept of Star Wars is the Force and real fans can’t agree with the midi-chlorians explanation. The Force is spiritual, the samurai path, spirit’s will, nothing scientific.
Added to this there are : the sound in space, not really realistic androids, extraterrestrials species morphologically implausible…
But I love Star Wars, I don’t write this to criticize this universe, but only to remind that it is a futuristic world with fantazy rules, which is really different from science-fiction.

The Force,  a strong concept in an asian style with the light saber, is universal. What civilization on Earth didn’t had sacred warriors guided by their faith ?

Yoda is the main character, he is the master, the one who owns the knowledge and the real power. Dark Vador is a broken man who survives only by the terror he inspires. Luke is the driving force of the  story, the one who will have to decide the fate of the universe.

Star Wars is also a fantasy saga on these aspects : the wars come one after another and are all more or less alike, the notion of technological gap or technical edge is not highlighted.  The Force is always stronger than the technology. The recent movies put some elements of technical progress for the androids and the clones, but it doesn’t change or question the relationship to the world. The Jedi Knights fight against androids, monsters, clones without distinction.

Nowadays, the Star Wars universe tends to become more technical. The Force is set back, technical gadgets are highlighted. The empasis is put on a more materialist view whereas Star Wars is a highly symbolic and moral world.

Even so, I like to see the universe keep going. Even if the movies may not fulfill the artistic requirements for such an universe, they will allow other artists to realize really interesting works.

Nowadays Star Wars has even given birth to a religion. When I look at what said Yoda in the past movies I am not surprised. In our age of spiritual quest with distrust about the organized religions, it is not surprising to see some people creating a new cult based on a movie. The scientology itself is based on science-fiction novels.

Star Wars is, for this, in the trend of the imaginary worlds influencing our real one. Cosplay, geeks meeting, augmented reality… We are living the fusion of the imagination with the reality. This phenomenon quicken the generational gap because culture is instantaneous. Our memory is filled with this culture of fictional worlds. For this reason it is essential to propose a content of great quality because video games, movies and books about fictional worlds are loved by people, youth and more aged. There is still work with the cultural authorities and the academic world to recognize the value of this imaginary culture.

As a conclusion, Star Wars is a unique universe, futuristic fantazy with a universal core concept and I hope that the movies to come will do justice to it.


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