Revolution, a TV-show with a simple concept, really well represented and with a brilliant artistic direction.

The core concept of the show is the end of electricity. The story takes place in a post-apo world where life is once again hard, tiresome and precarious.
We watch the story of some well-played charismatic characters, my favorite is Sebastian “Bass” Monroe, as for me the best character of the show thanks to the depth of his personality and the performance of the actor.

The story takes place is a North America really different, there are fewer states than nowadays and they are : Monroe Republic / Georgia Federation / Plains Nation / Texas / Wasteland / California Commonwealth.

The Monroe Republic, a dictatorship with Philadelphia as a capital city, born from the ashes of the powerful United States and with the original goal to restore the order. Miles and Bass, two tough guys, observe the chaos and the violence now prevailing in the USA, and in reaction, Miles leads to the creation of the Monroe Republic. After that, Sebastian will take charge of the leadership and will turn it into a dictatorship. He can count on the captain Tom Neville, a really interesting character eventually darker than Sebastian.

Why did I love this show which was wrongly canceled ?

The atmosphere : a mixed of modern clothes and equipments with some fights with cavalrymen sabers of the 18th century : awesome !

Sebastian Monroe : the villain who is not really bad, but rather a man frightened by the chaos and the violence who follows, who wants to restore the order. More scarred than evil-minded.

The Monroe Republic : The creation of Miles and Bass. This state is the pole of their relationship which has evolved from brothers in arms to sworn enemies. The Monroe Republic is also represented by Tom Neville and his son. Finally, she is the driving force toward the quest for electricity.

To recap, Sebastian Monroe wants to take possession of some tools allowing the owner to restore electricity in a limited area, in order to get ready his choppers and tanks. Against him there are Miles and his team who want to stop Sebastian, and result from this opposition a great discovery which I will not spoil.

Even if this show was stopped in its tracks, I only can advise you to watch it for its scenario as well as its quality 😉


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