Civlization, one my favorite video game and I discovered this serie with Civilization II : Test of Time.

I remember one of my first game. I took France, confident in my strong army made of cavalrymen. But, suddenly, the German steamroller with a lot of panzers attacked me and defeated me withtout effort.
I also remember a game in which I was in a duel with the last free civilization of my tyranny. It was like the Cold War and it ended in a thermonuclear mass-destruction of everything on the map, wonderful !

Civilization, it is a way of life. This is not a common video game , you don’t play with it two months and then throw it in the garbage. This game stay in your life, it even changes the way you look at the world because our countries are playing a fucking big civilization game.

Sometimes you want to play a great dictator ruling the world, sometimes an advanced nation going to Alpha Centauri and sometimes a nation of merchants without a wide territory.

You also create your own world : artic, arid, rainy / continents, isles / number of AI civilizations…
You create your own game and I love it !

Civilization is great in each step of the game. At the beginning you have the pleasure of discovering the world, the barbarians and the ressources. Then you meet your neighbors (and are praying there is not the Aztecs or the Japanese) and start training your first army. Some will go quickly into war, others will build their cities and found new ones, this is your choice.
Then you do diplomatic agreements, alliances, you discover the other civilizations and maybe take arms against a neighbor.

You also have the religion, the economy, the espionage…

Civilization, the turn-based strategy game with, for me, the best atmosphere. You also learn a lot about the different civilizations, the wonders, the buidings, thanks to the Civilopedia.

This is a great game, each one of the serie is great and I must recommend that you try it 😉

Savage Worlds

You want to create quickly a civilization for your game, follow these questions:

  • In what kind of world does your civilization exist? Fantazy, science-fiction, post-apo, contemporary?
  • Who are its inhabitants? Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Robots, Aliens, Animals… a melting-pot?
  • What about its geography? Is it on an island, a continent, in the moutains, under the sea…?
  • Is it a powerful civilization or not? And why? Is it in its golden age or decadence?
  • What is its type of government? Autocracy, democracy, monarchy, empire, theocracy…?
  • If there is one or several, what is/are the Gods venerated? Or maybe is it the leader (personality cult)?
  • Does the elite is made of nobles, merchants, warriors, religious, artists…?
  • Who is the current leader? Is he/she liked or hated?
  • Is this civilization neutral toward the playable characters? A threat? An ally?
  • What is the speciality of this civilization: war, trading, industry, religion…?
  • If they are several civilizations, what are its relations with the others? And with the civilizations where the playable characters come from?
  • Think about a flag or a symbol, an architecture style, a way of dressing for its inhabitants.
  • What is the capital (name, size, geography)? Are there other major cities?

Let’s go, answer fast, you have your civilization to put on the road of your adventurers, a source of new quests and dangers 😉


I love role-playing games. I love to create, write and bring fun around a table. I also like web development, horror stuff, TV shows, video games, Stephen King's books...

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