Baldur’s Gate II : Shadows of Amn (En)


This game made me discover the med-fan and Dungeons & Dragons.

The main quality of this game, the one I still remember is its atmosphere, also the sounds of the dangerous city of Athkatla, the depth of the characters, the very well-written quests and dialogues and of course the mad and charismatic Irenicus.

I also remember how much this game was hard ; during fights, to accept or refuse a quest (insufficiently trained or equipped characters) and varied events.
Nothing is done to make easier your life. You accept a quest, it is too hard for your characters, too bad for you ! Because of this you think twice about a choice, like in real life you will not expect a safety net to save your life. This mechanic gives even more depth to the universe.

The huge possibilities given to you during the character creation are also an asset of the game. Races, classes, the alignment, skills… These possibilities allow you to play again and again, starting over the story, because depending on your character some quests will not be available.

A HD Extended version was released and I expect to try hit to dive back into this marvelous universe.
This version, as well as giving a modern-screen resolution, add some characters and quests, something to play even longer.

I only can advice you to try this PC RPG which gives a really strong experience, deeper and closer to pen and paper RPG than more modern games. If you have hundreds of hours to spend, or if you are a night bird, go on 😉

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