The Strain (En)

The Strain

You like the vampires but not the ones wearing a suit, go for the Strain !

The Strain is a really well-made horror-fantazy TV show which renew the vampire story. I also found a similarity with the Cthulhu mythos but will not explain why, because I don’t want to spoil the story.

You follow an old jewish man who knew the nazi bloody tyranny, who met the demi-god of the vampires and since then is trying to destroy it.
The story takes place nowadays in the USA, NYC, with this old man, two scientists of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a semipsychotic guy who is a rats exterminator, and a very rich old man with his partner.

I don’t want to tell too many things about the story, this TV show is still new and you may not have seen it yet.

The atmopshere is great, gloomy, more often during the night, with really dangerous vampires and a high risk of being infected by them.

My favorite character is this old jewish man, a complicated man with a deep and hard past, a strong-will and who have sacrificed everything to hunt this vampire demi-god. He always leads the group, knows the truth and what has to be done. He is what allows all the other characters to understand the events, it is really interesting as a narrative outline.

If it was a roleplaying game, he would be the non-player character choosen by the game master to give important informations to the players.

If you want something new about vampires and if you like horror-fantazy stories, you have surely already watched this show. If not, why are you still here ? Are you afraid ? 😉

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