Diablo 2

Diablo II

As opposed to Diablo 2, I barely knew the first one but remember the descent into Hell by this staircase and the hordes of demons to fight.

In the second game, there are four different universes : a prairie with caverns and medieval ruins, a desert with Egyptian inspirations, a dark jungle in an Aztec style, and finally the Hell in the Christian tradition.

The different classes are really distinguished and I personally prefer the Paladin because it is awesome to slash demons with a Paladin.

The music and the atmosphere are great. The fights are dynamic and intense, the high number of monsters doesn’t affect the precision on the screen.

The quality of the writing of the quests is sufficient for your needs of adventure and chests hunt, without being memorable.

One of the main quality and pleasure of this game is the loot system which allows to get weapons, armors and gemstones to improve and make unique his own equipment. We get caught in this game to manage to get a complete and powerful stuff, in preference with rare pieces and matching his way of gaming.

The third game is now released for some years and is different from its predecessors. There are important modifications, for example with the potions. I have never played it but the teasers were sufficient to know I didn’t like the graphics, too much for young gamers, graphics style already present in Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2. I miss this time of adult and dirty graphics.

Diablo II, hours of game, thousands of clicks, some moments of stress when you see your life vanishing under the demons blows. It is also the pleasure of picking rare objects, purifying corrupted places and listening to some stories before beginning a new quest.

About playing the game several times, there are five classes of characters, four levels which give different experiences according to your character. So you have at least five good adventures, not bad, on which you can add the difficulty levels to try again the game in an harder way.

I advise you to try Diablo II, which is better to the first one and different to the third (better ?). It is perfect to unwind and needs from you a good and tough mouse. 😉


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