Screamers, my favorite science-fiction movie because there is everything I like :

  • A post-apocalyptic world
  • A Cold War style with a nuclear war between the New Economic Bloc (capitalists) and the Alliance (workers)
  • A story which takes place on another planet far away from Earth
  • Robots, and not the friendly ones
  • Weird and charismatic characters
  • A pinch of horror with a worrying atmosphere

This movie is a masterpiece for me, this snow desert with these jigsaw-robots hidden under the ground and also these false human robot-killers, it is exactly the type of science-fiction I love !

About the actors, I would thank above all Roy Dupuis (Becker), for his great performance as a psycho-robot.


I know I can’t share with you what I feel when watching this movie, I watched it for the first time at 12, so it is fixed deep in my brain and imagination and I am not at all neutral when I speak about it.

I think it is quite a part of my own imagination : a harsh and cruel world where the danger is everywhere and nearly invisible. If you look at my roleplaying games you will understand what I mean.

In the hope of convincing you to watch this movie, I leave you with this scene of Screamers, one of my favorite, with Becker of course 😉

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Passionné par les jeux de rôle et l'imaginaire en général, une bonne partie de ma vie est aussi traduite en binaire. Ce blog est mon univers, prenez le temps de vous y perdre ;)

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