The Purge American Nightmare

The Purge (trilogy)

The Purge 1, 2 & 3 : you are still alive ? Congratulations, take a moment to read my post until the next Purge.

I will not write something about the screenplay of these three movies, other blogs do it better. I prefer to tell you why I think these movies are really great !

I am a fan of subversive and violent movies, video games or role-playing games. I spent a lot of time playing Carmageddon 2 : Carpocalypse Now, Postal 2 or Twisted Metal.

The Purge is really upsettling because it could be real. In Germany you have unlimited speed highways, in the USA you can possess as many fireams as you want. So would a country be able to authorize murder for one night ? I think yes !

The Purge brought a new concept in the movie industry and in our imagination, or if the idea was borned in an older book or movie i don’t know, it really popularizes it.
What if a real country of our current days makes legal crimes and murders for 12 hours ?
Would you fight this law, participate, move to another country, try to survive the best you can ?
Interesting question.

Of course, The Purge is also a caricature of the present-day USA.
A country where half the population think that carrying a firearm is a protection, even if it is the only country on Earth doing it (and not the safest), and that a lot of studies prove that possessing a gun is more dangerous to its owner than not having one.

The Purge is not a stupid violent trilogy, the three movies have a good artistic direction and even if the screenplays are not exceptionnals, the core concept is innovative and original.

If you don’t have already watched them, you know what you have to do. I advise you to watch the three movies in order, because the first one has a nerve-racking atmosphere which differs from the two others, the real Purge you endure in your home, and the third one is better if you have watched the second one since the screenplays have some linked.

Enjoy 😉



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