Stranger Things (En)

Stranger Things

What to say about this masterpiece. I am still in the world of this TV Show that I finished monday.

I love this show, everything is perfect, the atmosphere, the actors and their performance, the soundtrack, the story, the artistic direction…

Having built the story with the point of view of some child makes it more frightful. You feel like them, back in your childhood memories, and mine are strong because I play roleplaying games since my eighth years old. I could have been Will, it gives another depth to the story.

This TV Show also brings me back to my childhood, which were in the 90′, when I was watching documentaries and movies about aliens and paranormal phenomenons with my parents. Of course, I couldn’t sleep after it !

I always loved stories about parallel worlds, government plots, Cold War dark projects…

I also love dark and sad worlds full of strange creatures, and the Vale of Shadows is really interesting as a dark parallel world opened by a failed experiment. You can find the same type of stories in the Stephen King book « The Myst » or in the video-game Half-Life developed by Valve.

Stranger Things is amazing and I hope it will keep the same quality for the next season. If you want to get back to your childhood and let your imagination lead you, you can’t miss this show 😉

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