Grenade ! Take cover !

Insurgency, this is the perfect mix between really arcade and dynamic FPS like Call of Duty or Battlefield, and war simulations like Arma and America’s Army.

You play either US soldiers or insurgents. The most played game mode is Push, where there are 3 main objectives to defend or attack, and each time the attackers capture an objective, they get some reinforcements.

You have classes : engineer, support, sniper… and you can customize your equipment. I like the fact that you always can play a versatile soldier. Even when you start as a sniper or a machine-gunner, you can choose a weapon like a heavy assault-rifle that will allow you to be more a rifleman than what your class is made for.

There is a good community, in fact you don’t have time to write some shit to bother other players. Each bullet may be your last breath in the game, so you need to stay focus !

No minimap, no crosshair, a lot of snipers on some maps, this is not for everybody.

What I prefer, to play as a support squad member, improve my bullets and help my team with a good suppressive fire on the enemy. You need to play as a real teammate, you don’t look for fame or individual success, you have some weapons nobody has and they need you with your specific abilities.

And a last word, it was made with Source Engine, so good graphics and a cool computer, isn’t perfect ?

Enjoy your game soldier 😉

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Savage Worlds

If you want to play a role-playing game in the atmosphere of Insurgency, I advise you to buy Ghost Ops which allows you to play special forces soldiers.


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