Mad Max

Mad Max

I am the Nightrider. I’m a fuel injected suicide machine. I am the rocker, I am the roller, I am the out-of-controller!

I watched Mad Max for the first time around my ten. I was in France (living in Canada at that moment) at my uncle flat. He had the tape of Mad Max 2 and my father told me I would like it, and I did !

As a child I wanted to be a car designer, and I always loved video games like Twisted Metal or Carmageddon. So Mad Max was the kind of movie I had to love.

The atmosphere. Yes I know, if you have read my previous articles I am quite in fond of the atmosphere. This is the more important for me. The one of Mad Max is awesome in is sadness and loneliness. This desert, this heat, no human activities in sight, only damaged roads for damaged cars driven by damaged people.

The character of Mad Max is unique in it’s type. Not really a hero, not really bad neither, not really the best warrior, just a survivor among others with enough luck to meet the right people at the right moment, and the bad ones too !

About the characters, we are in 70-80′ style, so Punk-style, and it works very well. Mad groups of pillagers and rappists driving their evil cars looking for fresh meat or oil.

About the quadrilogy.
The first is all about Max and his descent into hell in a decadent world.
The second is about the new harsh post-apo world and the loneliness of Max and of former good people with a normal life.
The third is… strange. The idea is quite interesting, a post post-apo world with a new tribal society using few technologies, but I don’t really like the movie, even if some elements are in the new Mad Max : Fury Road.
The fourth, the new Mad Max, is for me the best, and not only for its special effects. The artistic direction is incredible with this Cult of the V8, the chrome spray paint and the Witness statement before death. They have created an entire world in this movie, not only a personnal fate across desert.

The fourth movie is indeed different from its predecessors, mainly because we have discovered a real world with its own rules, it is not only a one-man story with some psychos to fill it. It gives more depth to Mad Max, quite unique in its type of post-apo world with war-cars fighting for oil.
I still love the first two movies because you see where does Max come from and why he has evolved has a lone wolf survivor.
They are all good and to really understand this universe, you have to watch them all.

I have to leave you, I am hearing some V8 in the distance, surely some War Boys attracted by the light of my computer screen…

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I love role-playing games. I love to create, write and bring fun around a table. I also like web development, horror stuff, TV shows, video games, Stephen King's books...

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