Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is the crime crazy simulator !

In this article I will not write about GTA London or the recent DLC, but only about the main episodes of the serie.

I know this game since the first one, but I really spent a lot of time with the second.
I also loved San Andreas and the last one, especially Trevor because he is the quintessence of GTA.

I like the intro video of GTA2 and that time when you had really nice videos to set the mood because the graphics were insufficient. I let you appreciate, or discover, the introduction of GTA2, the episode which is for one of the best ones with San Andreas and V.

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GTA2 is really good and subversive. I remember a mission where you had to take people in your bus and bring them to the slaughterhouse. You could also run over groups of Elvis Presley, fight army tanks when you had turned the city into a mess…

GTA 1, 2 & 3 are really WTF, it is based on criminality but with a lot of pure creation. We are at that time in the 90′ or early 2000, so still in this 90′ Punk trash style, and the first episodes had this unrealistic style, they were really fun.

GTA III was a little bit more a simulation in a dark and gloomy Liberty City, Vice City allowed you to live the Scarface lifestyle while San Andreas was a gang dedicated episode where you could do anything you wanted. San Andreas was a pure Sandbox, a huge map, many many things to do, customization of our character…

With GTA IV, Rockstar clearly left the crazy style for a more simulation and scripted story one. In the fourth episode you play a migrant from Eastern Europe in Liberty City. In the fifth you play three characters at the same time in the city of Los Santos : an African-American from the hood, a former burglar who live in a mansion and a psycho smuggler. The fifth get back with the sandbox style of San Andreas compared to the quite rigid fourth and with the unrealistic style.

GTA is unique is its way, a good critics of the American society and of the pursuit of wealth.
You play criminals but you meet along the game a lot of “normal” people who are part-time crooks.
This a good picture of the capitalist world in which we are living where money doesn’t care about rules.

It is also a fantastic open-world wih beautiful graphics. You can spend hours, especially with the fifth one, driving, shooting, flying, swimming, looking for hidden stuff, in short, it is a masterpiece in the video game world.

I admit it is not a game for everyone and that you can hate it, but for my part I love it because video games are made to do things you can’t and won’t do in real life. So I have no problem running over people with my car, throwing grenades on the police, because it is not real, it is just a game, and games are not meant to include the limitations of real life.

It didn’t make me a killer, a thief or a killer. It is just a violent and funny game, enjoy 😉

GTA San Andreas


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