World War III : Black Gold

World War III : Black Gold

I don’t think you know World War III, a little strategy PC game released in 2001 about a war in Iraq between Iraq, Russia and the USA.

In 2001, Iraq war began in 2003, a good prediction !

This was a good game, quite well-made, with good graphics (for 2001), a lot of units to play with and a background really in tune with this period.

I really like the introduction video where we can listen to a war veteran, a veteran from the war you are about to make. I let you watch this video.

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The three factions are different and it allows several strategies to win on the battlefield. Without any surprise the main resources is the oil, it is like the ore of Red Alert.

You have ground and air units, and some specials capabilities like kamikazes or frequency jamming.

I remember playing a lot with a friend at this game, and it always ended in a Scud war. Yes, there is the Scud ! Nothing is more badass than a Scud launcher.

I would not recommend this game to you in 2016, except if you are fond of PC retro-gaming. I am not playing right now this game, but it is a good episode in the video game history, and a good example of what were the worries of the people at the beginning of the millennium.
They have not really changed, but at that time, 11/09, Bush, Afghanistan and Irak, it was quite a unique period.

If you want to try it, it is nevertheless available on Steam.


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