Superpower 2

Superpower 2

I am the new Emperor of the Earth !

Superpower 2 : the megalomaniac game which allows you to choose the country you want, with the political party you want, and to do whatever you want to do.

Only one limit, the game is based only on the data of the CIA, the US Army and the UN and each game starts in the geopolitical context of 2001. The game was released in 2004, so now in 2016, things have evolved.

However several mods are available so you can fight ISIS or repeat the Cold War.

I love this game, it is really serious, the graphics are basics (the globe in space is well done), but you can have a lot of pleasure playing it.

The AI is quite surprising at moment, you can see some strange wars.
About war, it can quickly become a nightmare for you. Your diplomatic relations may fall really low and it is tiresome to get it back as before the war.
So my win strategy is to build a strong economy, then build a powerful army, and f*** diplomacy. I managed to conquer the world with Russia with this method, without too many nuclear launches.

You can try a developing country but you need to well know the game and to be patient, because it can be hard depending on your objectives.

You can also take a regional power such as Turkey, Iran or South Africa. Middle-class is the worst, you can easily join the developing countries if you make mistakes, and your relative power is ridiculous compared to the great powers. But if you are smart enough, you might become the new key player in the world.

Of course, you can try it the hard way, a massive nuclear war, but even if it is funny to push the red button, it is not really the best idea to lead the world.

This game is also interesting to better understand the state policy. You lead a country, you have an objective, and you have to make the best with your neighbors and the geopolitical context. Try to avoid war is quite easy, except if you take a really tensed country like Iraq.

So, you can buy it on Steam, it is a Steam Edition (isn’t it a proof of quality ?) and try to DOMINATE !!! 😉

Russia is coming back!

Russia 01

I had an idea for Russia, disband the soviet army to focus on the economy. 

This is Russia in 2001, with a big debt which is a shame for its size et and its population, and more over an army which cost 110 billion dollars a year… 


So I cut the costs.


This cut of the army cost while keeping the infantery, has allowed me to raise the essential budgets.


In 2002 things are going better, my nuclear deterrence with 2700 warheads is enough to defend my borders. I initiated some treaties with Eastern Europe to have better diplomatic relations.


I stopped the research because Russia start with a good level. The following years know an economic growth and a better HDI. Ukraine became an ally, I ratified a commun market and a weapon trade exchange.





In 2006, Russia doubled its GNP, knowed a population growth, has no longer any debts and its infrastructures, its telecom and its HDI are growing. Inflation is hard to keep low with so much investments. The GNP per capita is also growing, there is no longer corruption and the politic stability is good.

To reach this I only had to cut the army expenses, be patient and raised the budget once that the debt is pay off. To bring forward the reimbursement I sold 4 military technologies to countries not in a good mood with Western countries: Ukraine, Iran, Thailand and Colombia. These sales were not to expensive for them. I underline this point because I am playing with v1.4 of Superpower 2, and it is really simple to become rich by selling a lot of technologies. The problem is that the buying countries become really weak because of their debts and it destabilizes the game.

My objectives:
– Reach high budgets to make Russia a real developed country and competitive with the USA.
– Forbid contraception and make russia language and orthodox religion official and all the others illegal to increase the cohesion. Make the Communist party the only legal party and become a single-party democraty.
– Find some allies in Eastern Europe and in the World.
– Build a new well-equipped and weel-trained army.
– Conquer some neighbours countries like Kazakhstan or Mongolia.

The ultimate objective is to replace the USA as a superpower 😉

Russia 02

Here the next episode of Russia is coming back until June 2009 (game)

During 2007 I ratified an alliance with Ukraine and I hardened the domestic policy: russian language official and the others illegal, orthodox religion official and the others illegal, contraception forbidden. Forbid the contraception caused a birth rate boom.


In January 2009 the communist party was re-elected with 56% of the votes. Russia ratified an alliance with Colombia which bought 700 billion dollars of military technologies thanks to a positive trade balance. These funds allow me to invest in the tertiary sector.

I also trained my secret services in preparation for my coming operations to justify the invasion of countries like Mongolia. Moreover I reorganized my army into 6 army corps and began the construction of military vehicles.



The previous objectives are in the pipeline, for the next years I have to:

– Rebuild a great army to invade neighbours countries and defend Russia if things go wrong.
– Build nuclear ballistic sub-marines to surround the USA and atomize their army if necessary.
– Build the anti-ballistic missile system to avoid massive destruction by the USA.
– Survive in this world.

Russia 03

In January 2010 Russia has a good economy and I have some expansionist views: secret operations in Kazakhstan to justify an invasion and rebuilding a great army by taking advantage of the economic growth.


On January the first 2011, Russia and Kazakhstan have really bad diplomatic relations. I am enforcing an economic and a weapon trade embargo. The secret operations sometime failed, so Kazakhstan isn’t see has the bad guy by the international community.


An event suddenly changed my plans, Israel is at war with United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, so I joined them and invaded Israel.

Then in June 2012, without warning China launched nuclear missiles against Taiwan, I think it is a Confucius tactic: attack with brutality when everyone is looking somewhere else. China is really interesting to build a great Russian Empire, so I joined the USA, Japan, Canada and others countries against it.


This war made me buy half the military equipment on sale in the world. When I began to defeat China, Kazakhstan declared war against me. My secret operations might have been useful to have Kazakhstan do this. I easily defeat Kazakhstan and take control of its territory.

At the end the chinese army is destroyed and I control the chinese territory. I now have to build a huge army to prepare the day I annex their territories. I have to prepare a war against half the world. When this war will be a victory, Russia will include China and Kazakhstan. Bigger than USSR.

Russia 04

There are a lot of small wars around the world since 2013. I keep enlisting troops and building vehicles, and I am waiting to see my international relations improving before annexing China and Kazakhstan.


Early 2015 the Russian army is more powerful, catching up the US army except for the warhips. The Russian secret services are doing some operations to destabilize the USA, in order to debase their diplomatic relations with Canada, India and France. This worked rather good for France, both the USA and France can charge each other of assassination.


Ready to take the chance, Russia pronounced the annexation of China and Kazakhstan at the beginning of 2015, for a coming into effect in September. No response from the international community. Russia has now more than 1 billion inhabitants and a GNP of 13 billion dollars. The two other superpowers are India with a GNP of 12 billion dollars and the USA with a GNP of 14 billion dollars (formerly 19).

If you want, read a short novelized version of the recent events:

While Russia has invaded Israel, behind the scenes the Chinese are preparing a deadful plan against Taiwan.

– I give you the order, The Council of People have taken its decision. Prepare the army and the ballistic missiles.
– Yes Sir, the People’s Liberation Army will prove victorious against the traitors of Formosa Island.

Some days later in the secret bunkers of US and Russian Army.

– Alert, ballistic missile launch detecte! Trajectory in calculation.
– General O’Connor: put me in contact with the Russian, now!
– Commander Akoulov, what are you doing? Does this missile is Russian?
–  Supreme Commander of Russian Nuclear Weapons: Its doesn’t general, it was launched from China and aim, I think, your ally Taiwan…
– Our radar screen are confirming, I hope  you didn’t scheme this attack with China, otherwise it’s going to finish badly, believe me! Goodby.

In Taïwan:

– Ministry of National Defense: I am happy to have been able to work for the rise of this country, may the future be bright…

Strikes on Taiwan!

Discussion between NATO members (by encrypted phone):

– US President: We have to defend Taiwan, or what it remains, and sent a warning to China and also to Russian which was surely informed.

Vote in favour of the declaration of war against China.

Some hours later in the Kremlin:

– President: We are going to invade China for two reasons: on one hand it is the right moment to show our military power to the world and to extend our territory, on the other this time Russia has to totally control every former communist country. Only Russia can lead the foes of the Westerners to victory.

The following day in the Pentagone:

– US Defense Secretary: Russian are joining us in this war! What are they plotting?
– Chief of strategic analyses:  I don’t know Mr. the Secretary, but their troops have invaded China this morning. Russian declaration of war was not a bang.

Some weeks later in the Kremlin:

– President Volkaryne: Everything worked through perfectly. China is under our control, as well as this stupid Kazakhstan. Now we have to wait before annexing them. We should not now provoke the Westerners.

Some years later in the White House:

– Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Mr. President, Russia has announced the annexation of the Chinese and Kazakhs territories.
– Damn Volkaryn. He took advantage of a war against one of our allies to extend his territory. What can we do?
– Not a lot Mr. NATO was dissolved after the war because of the lack of support from the European. We can’t count on them to declare war to Russia.
– Then, give the ordre to deploy the anti-ballistic missiles system. Russia wants war, we will make it!

Some years later in the Kremlin:

– Mr. President: Our intelligence services indicate that the Westerners will do nothing about our annexations.
– I suspected this, Europe is frightened and the USA isolated. We must take advantage of their weaknesses to increase our power.
– I also have a badder news Mr. President. The American are preparing  the deployment of an anti-ballistic missiles system.
– They are scared, its good. Tell our Defense Minister about the deployment of our own system. We have to keep the advantage of fear and of our nuclear weapons.

Russia 05

After the annexation of China and Kazakhstan, everything was fine for Russia until suddenly Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom decalred war on it.


These countries invaded the recently annexed territories of the former China, and with my counter attack half of the world declared war on Russia. But the Russia army showed its pugnacity in this war, destroying the foes armies,especially the American and the Indian ones with precise nuclear strikes.


In 2023 Russia has a huge economy, while the USA and India seem in recession. The Russia army is the first and is still producing nuclear missiles. President Volkaryne fortified by his popularity, wish to become the King-Emperor of Eurasia. Russia will be a monarchy and invade all the Eurasia.

Russia 06

In 2024 Russia annexed India because such a rival in Asia is unbearable.

President Volkaryne saw his best dreams realizing. The Russian army strung together the victories and the world was dommed to be a witness.

With around 3 billion people and  a GNP of 48 billion dollars, the world gravited around Russia, or more accurately around this new Russian Empire which has already went down to history.


President Volkaryne couldn’t stop now, he needed all Asia, then Europe, in order to establish his new Russian-Eurasian Empire and crush once and for all the United States of America.

He gave the ordre to invade Japan, followed a great war which anew underlined the superiority of the Russia Army. Armies from all over the world went to fight the Russian in Japan, but their soldiers only encountered death. Like the Athenian against the Persians, the Russian fought against these disparate barbarians and defeat them thanks to their strategical superiority.


In 2027 President Volkaryne went in Tokyo to ratify the annexation treaty, in the Emperor Palace, taking from him his title and his goods. This powerful and wealthy archipelago is now part of the Russia Empire, and is the symbol of the control of Asia because it was the last important country to conquer.


Thanks to have read this fiction using Superpower 2  game 😉


I love role-playing games. I love to create, write and bring fun around a table. I also like web development, horror stuff, TV shows, video games, Stephen King's books...

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