Blade Runner

Blade Runner

What a beautiful, dark, deep and gloomy movie.

Based on the fantastic book (Do androids dream of electric sheep ?) written by Philip K. Dick, the movie, directed by Ridley Scott, develop a quite different but really interesting story.

An awesome PC game was also developed by Westwood Studios in 1997, but it deserves its own post.

The Andys or Replicants, a perfect copy of Humans used on colonized worlds, tried sometimes to run away and to go to Earth. These outer space robots are illegal on Earth, so bounty hunters (blade runners) like Rick Deckard track them to kill (retire) them and win their bonus.

The new Nexus-6 model designed by Tyrell Corporation is stronger and as smart as humans . Our desillusioned bounty hunter, as a consequence, will have some problems finding and retiring them.

The atmosphere (in the movie) is cyberpunk in a japanese and industrial style. We can see Rick eating noddles and it is always raining. It is a sad Earth with depressed people. False animals have replaced the real ones, technology is everywhere and crushed humankind.
In the book, it is also a sad Earth but a more in a post-apo style. There are not a lot a descriptions but some elements lead to a cyberpunk world (flying cars, a all-powerful TV, powerful corporations, sad world, robots).

The movie follows its own path and as the book, questions our humanity. What makes us Human, above all in a world like Blade Runner ? Are the Replicants only slave machines ? Who is a Replicant ?
For me, Blade Runner is the more realistic universe about the distinction between Humans and Robots. The border between natural and artificial is so thin, you feel that there are two species competing for the right to live.
The questions we can ask ourselves about our own future are : When do the robots will supplant the Homo Sapiens ? Do the robots are the next step of evolution, the solution for space colonization ? Do humankind has to slow down its own technological development to guarantee its survival ?

My preferred scene is the one when Rick is looking for Pris, she is hiding as a doll and it is really fascinating to see her immobile. Is an immobile robot a doll ? You can’t trust what you see !

Pris and Rick Deckard

To conclude, this movie is a masterpiece, as the book and the game. Read, watch, play, you will enjoy this world where you can’t trust what you see.

If you have a doubt about yourself, take the Voight-Kampff test 😉


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