Tabletop role-playing games

Why I play tabletop role-playing games?

I play tabletop role-playing games since 8 years old, i am 29!

So, why have I already spent 20 years of my life on this hobby?

For a lot of reasons I will share with you in this article.

  • I am very inventive, I need to think about useless things because they are essential to me. I am bored at work, lets go, I am thinking about my next game, what I could create for my players.
    I am also a writer, so I really spend a lot of time far away from the real world!
  • I love games, cards games, board games, video games and of course role-playing games. I think people don’t play enough. This world is too much serious, too much about money, work, property, and other important but quite boring things.
    You want to reduce stress, anxiety, sadness, come and play!
    The play isn’t only a childhood luxury before a life of slavery! We are not ants, and we have not yet encounter an alien species, so why do we put pressure so much on ourself, on our world?
  • You want to socialize, play tabletop RPGs. You meet new people, you often share a meal or sweet things and you laugh a lot. What is best to have a good moment ? I don’t know.
    Moreover, tabletop RPGs are great for people who have behavior problems. You can play characters different from you from which you will learn about yourself. If you are with friends or good new people, you are in a bubble of no judgement, so feel comfortable.
    Yes, i believe that tabletop RPGs can help people who have for example language problems or an inclination towards violence.
  • Tabletop RPGs, because you play with your head, are also great to do sums and understand rules. They also are good for memory, you have to learn and recall the rules and to know and recall the data about your character and the characters of the other players.
    You also have to write down the key informations given by the Game Master (GM) and use them when it is right.
  • Tabletop RPGs are also a lot about respect. Respect of the rules, respect of yourself (you don’t commit suicide with your character), respect of the other players and respect of the GM, the one who is telling the story and waiting for your choices.
    You have to wait your term, listen to the others, sometimes stand up for yourself if you really feel that your group is doing shit, listen to the GM, and even deal with your frustration when you fail, above all if it is not your fault or if the dice are against you (every player knows that sometimes the dice hate you!).

So, all these reasons explain why I love tabletop RPGs and why I keep spending a lot of time on this hobby, which I hope will be a professional activity one day.
Video role-playing games are good, but even with a mic you don’t get the feeling of a real table full of players and beverages, and you don’t have the same freedom of thought.

So, try tabletop RPGs. It is easy, friendly and a much better way to take a break from the restrictions of real life that alcohol, tobacco or drug.

And if you want a proof that it is not a hobby only for nerds, watch this video and have a good game 😉

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I love role-playing games. I love to create, write and bring fun around a table. I also like web development, horror stuff, TV shows, video games, Stephen King's books...


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