State of Decay

State of Decay

State of Decay is the closer game you can find to The Walking Dead. We could say it is a mix between The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later, with a pinch of Left for Dead.

Why is it so close to The Walking Dead ?

  • You play in zombie-world and are trying to survive searching houses and driving 80-90′ cars.
  • You lead a community of survivors with some bad-tempered ones.
  • You have to bring back food, medicine, weapons and ammunition, oil and building materials to keep your group alive and improve your camp.
  • Other groups of survivors are outside, you can make business, help them or not…
  • The colors and the design of the game are very close to The Walking Dead.
  • Zombies are everywhere, and they are dead people raising after death.

Why is it a mix with 28 Days Later ?

  • Zombies are able to run ! They also climb windows and can cling to moving cars.
  • Their eyes are bright red.
  • Don’t take them lightly, they are really dangerous.

Where does the pinch from Left for Dead come from ?

  • You have some special zombies but interesting and not overpowered ones :
  • The Screamer, a powerless zombie who however can attrack a lot of its own kind by screaming.
  • The Juggernaut, a massive zombie you only want to avoid.
  • The Bloater, the only one who can kill you after its final death thanks to its poisonous smoke.
  • The Feral, the hunter one you can’t escape, so be armed and prepared !
  • SWAT and Army zombies, just normal zombies with an armor on their back.

The is a great game, you are spending time outside trying to survive and understand what happened. You don’t have heavy weapons and unexpected events may also become obstacles to your schedule.

If it was not in 3D, I could say it is quite close to Project Zomboid for its atmosphere and gameplay. I will write a post on Project Zomboid and you will understand what I mean.

State of Decay is a very good game if you look for something close to The Walking Dead and not too much about survival (like spending 2 hours to get seeds, 6 hours to grow your crops…). This is well balanced between survival management and action.

Graphics, sound and gameplay are good, the story is well written, and the fights and movements are immersive. Only the cars could have had better driving sensations. Some bikes would also have been cool to play a character like Daryl.

If you want to try it and I recommend you to, you can buy State of Decay on Steam.
Also have a glance on State of Decay 2 !

Have a good game 😉


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