Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

I said that I would write an article about Project Zomboid, here it is !

So, this game is the creation of a small team, I think they were two at the beginning and had to finish the game to be able to pay their bills. Quite an hardcore development process, but congratulations to them !

In Project Zomboid, you create your character, like a roleplaying-game, which is really fun. You choose your clothes, and more important can choose an Occupation like Lumberjack or Doctor. Your Occupation gives you bonuses and penalties, and you can go further and choose some Traits, which are either hindrances or edges. At the end, the total has to be 0 for a balanced character.

For a first game, try to keep a character without too many penalties because you don’t know  yet how to play.

The game has isometric graphics like a lot of games. The good point is that your computer will not catch fire, the bad one is for God-graphics addicts because it feels like you are in 2000′. Personnaly, I think simple graphics are good for a zombie game.
Despite these graphics, you really feel your environment. There is a good atmosphere, a good design of the all game.

You also can customize your game, like the characteristics of the zombies. You may even make them like 28 Days Later, you can, try, I tried, I will not do it again 🙂

When you start to play, there is electricity and running water, you will find plenty of food in each house, this is quite easy. Then the end of the world become little by little more tangible, no more electricity, water… So you will have to make your own fire and craft a lot of other things.

The zombies are everywhere and in the normal setting only walk. But there a LOT of them, so be careful.

The common points with State of Decay are the atmosphere, the similarity with The Walking Dead and the gameplay (searh a house, run away by a window…) even they are really different for two points.

  • Project Zomboid has isometric graphics, so your feeling about the game and your character is completely different.
  • You will have to craft a lot of things to survive while State of Decay is more about fighting.

Both are the best zombie games, they are quite complementary to get all the sensations of a zombie world.

The team of Project Zomboid is always working to improve its game that you can buy on Steam.

Have a look on this great indie game and have fun 😉

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My first short adventure in Project Zomboid

I made my character, Tony Montana. The name of a tough guy to bring luck, it was not sufficient.


Here my beginnings in a mobile home. I felt lucky at this time “Oh yes, not much urban, I will not encounter too many zombies!”

Of course I was quite wrong. Yes, there were not too many zombies, but these mobile homes are useless. Little food, not a lot of weapons, and above all, no upstairs to hide from the zombies.

So I decided to look for a real house, with a fridge full of cheese and vegetables, a living room with a baseball-bat, and a bedroom with curtains on the windows. And I found it!


Yes I found it, but there was an alarm! With the best coward decision of all time, I choose to hide in the bedroom upstairs. I heard the windows beeing broken and the zombies knocking on the doors.

Then, with this time the dumbest choice, just after the coward one, I tried to escape by a window, but didn’t know you need nails to make a rope! So I broke my right tibia, Yeeeeeeeeeeees.

A kitchen knife in my hand, I went back to MY house killing several zombies (nice weapon the kitchen knife), and came back in the bedroom to bandage my wound.

I stayed 3 days in this bedroom, only going downstairs to eat and read (my backpack was full). After 3 days of marmot life, I decided to go outside, despite of my fracture.

I went North, no zombies in sight, I saw a cabin with a broken window and went inside. Fate is a game, a cruel game, this small wood house also had an alarm, and all its windows were broken. Of course there was no uptstairs either…


I couldn’t leave because of my fracture, so I fought and was bitten at the torso. After killing 5 zombies, I used my bottle of disinfectant and made a bandage on my wound. I then ate some cans before going to sleep.


I hoped that my bandage was sufficient. I woke up, went to the kitchen and filled my water bottles. Then I ate carrots can, and suddenly I fell on the ground, and the game stopped. Game over, you survived 4 days…

Some seconds later I saw my character standing up, leave the house and walk outside, zombified

Project Zomboid, the game which make you feel like a mouse in a cat world. One wound = death, an alarm = coming ombies, be careful.

I will try again. I need a better name 😉


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