Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal, one of my favorite game, I spend sooooooo many hours playing it, finishing the story with each vehicle. Try to fight Minion with a motorcycle, some will understand what I mean 😉

This game is crazy, everything is crazy, as crazy as Carmageddon but more suitable for all because running over people is not the core of the game.

This is a car-combat game which started in 1995 on Playstation 1. Calypso, a really evil character, created the Twisted Metal Contest where you can come fight with your vehicle and try to win. The contest takes place on different places on Earth, so on several maps.

You have a short story on each participant, and I still remember the videos of Twisted Metal 2, they were incredible.

So you choose a character and his car, then start to fight on the first map. And the game goes on this way until you fight the big boss !

During the fight, you can crash into your opponents, fire missiles, napalm, electric beams… until you are the last one. No race, no victory if you run over everyone (and there is not a lot of people anyway), only the harsh way of fight.

I only really know Twisted Metal 2 because I had a Playstation and spent a lot of time playing. But Twisted Metal has continued his way with Twisted Metal III in 1998 and IV in 1999, then Twisted Metal Black in 2001, Head-On in 2005 and extra edition in 2008, then to finish Twisted Metal in 2012 (look at the concept-art).

Twisted Metal Art

You can see Axel (the big wheels) and Bruce Cochrane (the pink flame-thrower car) and another one I can’t identify, the one on who they are firing.

So Twisted Metal is a long story, one of the main game series in the video game world. It is a landmark for every car-combat game, and there were others, like Interstate 76 and 82, Vigilante 8…

It seems that they are shooting a movie, yes, Twisted Metal movie. With a lot of money they could make a really good 3D-movie. Because apart of big explosions and psycho characters, what could they put in this movie, seriously ?

I hope a new Twisted Metal will be released in 2017 or 2018. Calypso never dies !

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