Urban Chaos

Urban Chaos

Urban Chaos is a golden oldie PC game, one of my favorite (I know there are many) game, released in 1999, then 2000 on Playstation and Dreamcast.

This is a game totally dependent to its era of release. You play a cop in a dark city and during your inquiry, you will slowly understand that a plot put the city in danger behind this growing chaos as new millennium approaches.

The cop you are playing is D’arci Stern (on the pictures), a recruit of the Union City Police Department. You deal with a local gang called the Wildcats and lead by a villain called Bane. Then things go worse and Bane, who is a warlock, summon a Baalrog to destroy Union City.

This game was amazingly captivating. Back in 1999, you had a city all for you, playing a cop and in 3D !
You were able to fight criminals, bust them, drive cars, climb the walls of buildings…
You also had a map where you could choose your next mission, almost an open-world.

Urban Chaos 2

I also remember the soundtrack which went well with the atmosphere of the game.

Everything was good, but the gameplay was hard. You had to be handy and precise when playing because it was easy to fall from a roof or miss a hit.

This game is no longer available on Steam, but it is on GOG.

I would love to hear about a sequel, Urban Chaos II, with the possibilities given nowadays it could be a fantastic game, even if Mucky Foot Productions (Developers) no longer exists.
It’s a pity that they didn’t take advantage of 2012 and it’s apocalypse hype to do it.

Urban Chaos is still interesting, ugly for our 2016 eyes, but enjoyable 😉

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