Alien Isolation

Alien : Isolation

The Xenomorph, not a pet for grandma 😉

First, the fantastic Alien vs Predator 2 released in 2001. Remember when you were running in the vents, hoping that no Alien was behind you.

Then in 2010 was released a new Alien vs Predator, and it was not a good game. Really boring, I didn’t finish it.

I should have begun with the real Alien games you could tell me, the really old ones, but I never played it, so, I can’t write something about it, except that Alien : Isolation is not the first pure Alien game.

Alien Isolation 2

In this game, released in 2014, you will find an asymetric gameplay that they should have also done for multiplayer, like what you can find nowadays in Dead by Daylight or soon in Friday 13th. 4 Humans and 1 Xenomorph in a spaceship, the Humans trying to escape…

But this a solo game and you are ALONE, 1 vs 1, your frail human body against a killing machine made of acid !
This game was made by a psycho, you play cat and mouse but you are the mouse, and against you this is a Tiger !

You can only avoid or create a diversion to hope surviving to the Xenomorph. It can smell and heard you from a great distance.
If you are trapped, you could survive by hiding in a locker or behind a table, maybe it will work, maybe not, probably not…

About the atmosphere, you really feel like you were in an Alien movie. It is really good, the sounds, the graphics, this is Alien.

About the gameplay, it is good but sometimes quite rigid. The motion of the Xenomorph is not very flexible too.

One thing I don’t like is that you can do nothing. You are more than weak, you are a useless piece of meat for a hungry Xenomorph.
The Xenomorph can pop-up from nowhere, if you use your detector it will hear you, it knows you are here even when you are hiding in a locker for 5 minutes.
Often the Xenomorph is patrolling (the old good script) right where you have to go for no reason. Have you ever seen a Lion, a Tiger or a Bear patrolling for nothing ? No, if there are no prey, they just go or try to find one. Not the Xenomorph, it is waiting for you, it makes the game not realistic.

I would have a prefer a better hunting mechanic. You can go everywhere, if you are quiet, then the probabilities are small to be detected by the Xenomorph. Of course sometime you should have been forced to make noise, like when turning a valve. Sometime the Xenomorph could have been also waiting to trap you, this a predator behavior.

This is a good game and a very frightening one, the best I think, better than Slender Man. But I really didn’t like this feeling of : We put the Xenomorph here because is has to be like that !

For a cat and mouse game, I would like a better flow and surprises, not being stuck like a fish in a net.

If you want to try it, you can buy it on Steam. Be brave worker of the Weyland-Yutani.

And to finish this article, I let you appreciate this piece of art (Aliens 1978) from the master H. R. Giger 😉

Happy New Year

H. R. Giger


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