Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is a good, really good TV Show I only watched in 2016, so I had 7 seasons to catch up, a long task.

I immediately became attached to this motorcycle club with very different personalities and torn between the greed of strong mafias.

In a nutshell, you follow the story of a motorcycle club led first by Clay Morrow, then Jax Teller (son of Gemma and John Teller, the man who founded the club) in the fictional town of Charming (near Oakland). The story between Morrow and Teller drives the one of the club which will go through a lot of problems such as the ATF, other gangs, mafias, private hard feelings…

I will SPOIL some parts of the scenario because I want to tell you what I think of this TV show, and all the hate I have to this devil who is Gemma Teller-Morrow !!!

This is the character who caused quite every problem the club had to cope with. First, she worked hand in hand with Clay Morrow to kill John Teller, her husband, who finally commited suicide. Second, she killed Tara Knowles, the wife of her son Jax Teller. To finish, she lied two times about main subjects, causing at the end very big problems to the club.
Gemma is devilish, no hidden pure part in her heart. She even asked her own son to kill her; didn’t she think it would kill him, his mind ?

This TV show is really interesting, a lot of plots, deep characters, enjoyable atmosphere on the West Coast with a motorcycle club lifestyle to watch.

Ron Perlman (Clay) is perfect in the role of a dark and violent boss, but you understand after his death that Gemma is worst. The conflict between him and Jax goes mounting season after season, until Jax get rid of him. Clay had got killed Opie’s wife (Opie is the best friend of Jax) and almost Tara, so he is not a kind guy for his brothers.

I have to congratulate Tig and Chibs, the only two who survived from all the characters on this picture below :

Sons of Anarchy 2

This show is all about the erosion, amorality and upsurge in violence of a local motorcycle club. Clay led to it to get more money and retire with Gemma, Jax take over from him to get the club out of criminality and live another life with Tara. Both of them failed because both of them always postpone the real decision taking.

Sons of Anarchy is quite harsh to watch because you see a lot of good characters die and there is no happy end. They are all stuck in an hellish situation which get always worse until Jax learn the thruth, kill the last threatening people for the club and commit suicide after having entrusted his sons to Wendy Case, his first partner and mother of his first son.

However something is really fun is this show, the fact that the oldest son of Jax is so poorly played. I know this is a child who is playing, but OMG, he doesn’t even have the simpliest emotions, he doesn’t look in the eyes his own father (in the story). This kid have stunned me, I think cinema is not for him, really not.

I am curious to know what you think of this show, and if you agree with me about Gemma. So, leave a comment and I will be pleased to answer you 😉


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