28 Days Later

28 Days Later

28 Days Later is for me the best movie of all-time about an apocalypse caused by a virus, because you have a realist pitch (far more than the dead people coming back) and the survival atmosphere of a zombie movie.

I like the fact that the virus is totally out of control, this outbreak means you have to run for your life, and you can hardly fight the infected, so the best way to survive is to hide. There is no more societies, groups, hope, the infected with the rage virus will kill you, it is only a matter of time.

About the first movie (my next post will be on 28 Weeks Later), I loved the slow tempo and the different sub-stories. The main character (Jim) wakes up in an hospital of London and discover that there is no inhabitants anymore. Then he meets two survivors in London, one dies, and he meets two others again, a father with his daughter.
They after this go to Manchester where they will meet a former military unit which have become a group of criminals.

This is the high point of the movie because in the mansion occupied by these soldiers, the violence goes increasing, even more than with the infected. Jim becomes really enraged and kills the soldiers who were getting ready to gang rape the two women (Selena and Hannah), to the point that Selena thinks he is contaminated by the virus.

These ending scenes are very fast and violent compared to the entire movie, and the parallel between the infected and Jim’s fury in really interesting. First, the soldiers are going to consciously rape two women, including a young teenager, and secondly, Jim kills them in an indescribable rage.
You understand that uninfected people may be as dangerous as the infected, and for the soldiers, without any excuse.

So, 28 Days Later is a very great movie, a movie you can’t unsee if you like post-apocalyptic, zombie or science-fiction genres. Have a good time, and don’t forget, the virus turns its victims in 10-20 seconds 😉


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