28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later

Look at this  picture, “MAINTAIN THE QUARANTINE”, it was written, but as usual it was not respected. There are rules like would say Negan 😉

28 Weeks Later is another great movie, more action, more stress, also a better budget.
Always in Great-Britain, we are now 28 weeks after the outbreak. The infected died of starvation and there are really few survivors. The US Army is leading a resettlement operation with NATO forces, so the British who have fled the outbreak can come back.

The first scene in the house is epic, really frightening and so well played by Robert Carlyle. If you didn’t have seen it, do it right now ! SPOILER ALERT !

Then we discover the army base where people are living, in the steps of the two children of Don (Robert) who are in a train, the link between the airport and the residential sector. I felt a little bit like in Half-Life 1 when you are entering the base in a train, and if I remember, there is a similar scene in Doom 3.

Everything goes quite well until the two children, master of sneaking, succeed to avoid the soldiers surveillance and find their mother in their former house.

Then, the story is repeating, a first infected, then several, then a lot, finally everyone ! But there are a lot of action scenes and it makes this movie more “fun” to watch than 28 Days Later, more entertaining. Snipers shooting on everyone, bombardments with incendiary and chemical bombs, the army and the infected want you dead.

What is interesting in this movie is that we learn the virus can live in an asymptomatic carrier, someone not ill but able to infect other people. It adds an element to the story, something we didn’t know in the first movie.
It leads to the final scene where Paris is infected, which allows to freely imagine the sequel : 28 Months Later.

I have three critics about the scenario, its logic :

  • Why Don has an unlimited access, even to the quarantine sector? He is only a technician and could need to ask for a special authorization when he needs to work in such an area.
  • Why the army put a survivor who has a bloodshot eye into the base, even in quarantine. I would have quarantine her into her house with a dozen of soldiers to watch. No risk for the main base.
  • How a copter can cross the Channel without being detected? There are surely US, French and British warships, everybody knew it’s a mess, but ok, go on, land in France… Seriously, this copter should have been quarantine in UK or shot down.

Nevertheless, it is a really good movie and if you liked 28 Days Later (which is the masterpiece), then you will like 28 Weeks Later. The other way is not necessary true, if you watched only the second movie, I am not sure you will like the slow tempo of the first, but try 😉


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