Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

A game about the space conquest, yes it exists with Kerbal Space Program, and it is very good !

I found this one on Steam during the Christmas promotion and don’t regret it.

In this game, you will start with a rocket a little bit more advanced than the V-2 of Von Braun, and end with space rockets capable of flying to another planets. All this in a precise simulator where one mistake can cost your success or even the life of your little Kerbal (inhabitants of Kerbin, an Earth-like planet).

I advise you to start with the tutorials because you can’t go into this game as with others. You will not learn it by playing or clicking everywhere, you need to have the basics and they are quite complex for basics.
How to build a real rocket (not a missile), how to leave atmosphere, how to put your rocket into orbit, how to leave it, how to go to Mun (the Moon), land, leave the ground, go back to Kerbin… So many things to know before playing, but the tutorials are really fun, as the Kerbals heads.

What is captivating in this game is that you discover the space physics, you don’t fly like you are on Earth. You don’t aim the moon like you would aim at a runway with a plane. Each of your movement is linked to gravity and orbit, and a good behavior is to save your fuel and pilot cautiously.

You truly feel the thing when you separate from the first stage of your rocket when in high atmosphere, then stabilise your orbit before activating a little thrust to change it. When you come back on Kerbin you are anxious for your Kerbal, with the heat and the risk that the parachute doesn’t open.

The atmosphere of this game is great (and fun), the graphics are good, the simulation is really well done.

You have different game modes : Sandbox, Science and Career. I only tried for the moment the Career mode which include Science. I like to manage everything, missions, recruitment, rocket construction, the flies…
Sandbox is surely funny but I don’t want to get bored of the game because I would have done stupids rockets and flies, and not be able to come back to the realistic and demanding Career mode.

Here a glimpse of what you can do in Kerbal Space Program, if you like it, go on Steam to support this smart game 😉

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