Partridge: “But I, being poor, have only my dreams. I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”

Equilibrium was a commercial fail, and I really don’t understand why, this is such a great science-fiction movie !

To sup up, we watch the evolution of John Preston, a Grammaton Cleric specialized in Gun Fu (a martial art to use pistols the badass way) who defend the order of the Father, a totalitarian leader who lead Libria, a post World War III city.  People are forced to take Prozium, a drug which suppress emotion, so the violence, cause of the previous war. Of course there are rebels, and this is why there are Grammaton Clerics to kill them all, Gestapo style.

The scenario is interesting because (SPOIL) you see the best of the Grammaton Clerics (John Preston), after having killed his friend and colleague (Errol Partridge), losing his faith in the Father. What happens next lead him to the final duel with the Father, and the liberation of Libria.

Libria is led by a Nazi-like government, but we can also look at our own society and ask ourselves about the limitations we have to our feelings.
First, the core idea of Libria that emotions bring to violence is partly true. Only partly because emotions also give love, friendship, compassion…
On the contrary, a cold heart society like the Third Reich or the USRR is far more violent than democratic ones, and yet they are not really in favor of art and emotions. Libria is very violent, it is looking for peace by being at war, paradoxical!

To come back to our own society, the economic liberalism, the main doctrine of the World led by the the Western civilization, set us to work for the most part of our time, often only to survive and put food on the table. No taste for his work, sometimes no recognition, only a wage to keep living year after year, it’s circular, you live to work and work to live!

So, Equilibrium is also a good movie to understand that we are all trapped in this huge economic machine. We should work for useful things, or things we like or even love, and not for the most part of our time, not because we are lazy, but because a human being is not made to do 8-10 hours a day the same thing, that’s how it is!

I advise you to watch this movie which is still really good after these years, and to think about its message, it is not only another entertaining science-fiction movie.

Have a good time watching it, and don’t hesitate to post a reply 😉


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