Sunshine (En)


Searle: You and the darkness are distinct from each other because darkness is an absence of something, it’s a vacuum. But total light… envelops you. It becomes you.

Sunshine, how can I present such a fantastic movie, a masterpiece of science-fiction.

With this movie, you understand why there were so many solar-cults among humanity, because it is not only a source of light and life, there are deep psychological effects, and the quote of Searle shows it.

I agree with Searle and understand why he surrendered to the Sun, to the power of light and heat. I like the fact that Capa succeeded to achieve the mission and gave back light to Earth, but, who could I have been in the course of this mission, I don’t know.

Sunshine is a science-fiction and philosophical movie, with a great soundtrack and a very good special effects. The actors are also great, everyone is useful, and as I already implied it, my favorite character is Searle.

For me, this movie is equal to Interstellar. Sunshine is about light, heat and stars, Interstellar is about black holes, darkness, time and the void. They are quite the opposite but complement one another. Both tell us space drives crazy our little human brains. In space we are like animals trapped in a very dangerous box, no more society or religion, only you, the void and some stars and planets along the way.

Sunshine, as Interstellar, is also poetic. Some astronauts sacrifice their lives to give again light and heat to Earth, and the more they are close to the Sun, the more they understand its importance for humanity.
We might see a spiritual message, the meeting with God.

You must watch this movie, even if you don’t like science-fiction, because it is also about humanity, philosophy, psychology and faith (in the mission or in the Sun)

I let you listen to one of the best music you can find in a movie, nearly equal to the theme of Interstellar, so, relax and enjoy 😉

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