BroForce (En)


War, Death, Muscles!!!!

BROFORCE is all about brutality, violence, destruction, war… and humor!

It is all your 70-80-90′ movies in a single video-game where you can play your favorite hero and kill the enemies of the USA. USA is great in Broforce, it is freedom, democracy, civilization, and you have to bring all of this on Earth by kicking some terrorist, alien and devil asses, what’s best?

This game is original and amazing. With pixel like graphics, and the level is entirely destructible.
Each hero has his own gameplay. You play Indiana Jones, renamed Indiana Brones, then go for the lash. You play Rambro, sorry but no bow with explosive arrows, instead a machine gun and some grenades.
And a lot more heroes from really different movies.

The game is very nervous, fast, furious, you need to think and act quick, no doubt, no fear, you are a BRO!

There is a campaign which is fun because you will encounter the main enemies of these movies. First, the terrorists, then the aliens, and to finish the devils.

Sky Fortress

Acid Crawler


The game can be quite hard sometimes, the time to understand how to kill the boss. Of course, you don’t have the time to think in this game, you can only fight, and fight hard!
When you end a level, you fight the boss, like in the old days. I love it!

Once the campaign finished, you can dowload free adventures made by the community, and they are good.

You can play in multiplayer in cooperation.
Deathmatch is fun but only offline. This is the problem of this game, really demanding on your computer because you can destroy everything in a torrent of explosions. So it was hard to make a real multiplayer deathmatch mode, too bad.

If you want to know more, yes I am still waiting for Lieutenant Rasczak of Starship Troopers, watch this video 😉

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