My first article with a new tool, a Savage Worlds rule or idea linked to the subject mentioned, have a look at the end of the article 😉

You think physics is boring, watch Interstellar and you will be passionate about black holes and wormholes.
What is the difference ? It seems that a black hole is only a giant Packman eating all its neighborhood, while a worm hole is more like “a worm” which sends you far away, really far away, in another place of our galaxy, universe, or even in a parallel universe!

More precisely, a wormhole is a black hole plus a white hole. Everything is absorbed in the black hole, move in a tunnel, the Einstein-Rosen bridge, and is ejected by the white hole.

But we have no proof, only hypothesis, so, get back to the movie.

In Interstellar, Earth is no longer really liveable for humankind, and as a consequence she is looking for another home. A wormhole appeared near Saturn, and NASA has secretly developed a spaceship to enter it and explore the galaxy on the other side, in order to find a new Earth.

What is amazing in this movie is the story of Cooper with his daughter, because he is the ghost of their house, so we are in a temporal paradox we only understand at the end of the movie.
The family story is touching: the sacrifice of the father, the hope and anger of the daughter. They are both caught up in a fate beyond their understanding, until the end, after so much pain.

What is also really interesting is that this story is possible, logical. With the work of Kip Thorne, everyone can see what is a realistic wormhole, named Gargantua in the movie.
And admit it, you prefer to see it on screen than in real, won’t you?

The planets are also realistic, as well as the temporal paradox on the one orbiting Gargantua. So it is really a science-fiction movie, not a fantazy one with high-tech gadgets.

The difference:
Science-fiction is about the consequences of science on humankind. Here, the consequences of a wormhole and time travel. Humankind has control over her destiny.
Fantazy is about superpowers, gods, eternal worlds. Humankind is not her own master.

As I said, Sunshine is about stars while Interstellar is about wormholes, quite the opposite but at the same time the two sides of the same coin. A lot of stars, the ones with a sufficient mass, will end becoming black or wormholes.

Do the wormholes are the end of something, or only a bridge to another state?
Do the wormholes send the matter they absorb to another galaxy or another universe?

Scientists also have to study the dark matter which could make a wormhole stable and usable , for example the one at the core of our galaxy, Sagittarius A. Where coult it lead us?

All these questions are fascinating and we should spend more money on it. Just think about all the money we waste in military expenditures, around 600 billion dollars only for the USA!
Of course there are threats all over the world, but does Humankind have not something else to do than war on its little planet lost in the universe? Explore our solar system and our galaxy is far more interesting and could bring hope and peace.
Why? Because we would have a common goal, a goal which needs a united Earth to be achieved.

As a comparison, the budget of the NASA is only 19.5 billion dollars. 600 against 19.5, and you wonder why we are not wet on Mars…

And we can also compare the European budgets:
5.75 billion euros for the ESA.
284 billions euros for all the armies of the EU countries.

So, there is money, a lot of money to explore and understand the universe.

Meanwhile, if you want to dream for a break, just listen to the main theme of this great movie 😉

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Savage Worlds

I want to propose you, first, a rule to handle gravity, second, a rule to use Gargantua in your own setting.


On a planet with a lower gravity than Earth:

Pace: +2″
Jump from a dead stop: +1″
Jump with a run and go: +2″
Weapons range, add the close range to each range, so if you have 5/10/20, it gives 10/15/25.

On a planet with a higher gravity than Earth:

Pace: -2″
Jump from a dead stop: Agility roll at 4 to succeed
Jump with a run and go: -1″
Weapons range, reduce the close range to each range with a minimum of 2, so 5/10/20 gives 2/5/15.


Gargantua is a giant vacuum, if your players don’t go voluntarily toward it, we can imagine they appeared by error, maybe their spaceship had a problem or they were intercepted.

So, a piloting roll is needed and the difficulty depends upon their distance to the black hole.
If they are far, that they don’t really see its disc, the difficulty is 6.
If they are quite close but still enough far to see the space around it, the difficulty is 8.
If they are so close that they only see the disc of the black hole, the difficulty is 10.

Of course, if the roll is succeeded at 10, the pilot must then succeed a roll at 8 and to finish at 6.

What happened if a roll is failed, it depends upon their position. At 6, the spaceship gets closer and the pilot has to succeed a roll at 8. You understand the logic, it is a ladder.

With a roll failed at 10, the spaceship is swallowed by the black hole.
Either it is destroyed or sent to a far away location, it is you choice.

The interest of this rule is to create a tense battle where your spaceship and your foes can finish right into the black hole.
Your pilot, struggling with the gravitational attraction, rely on his team to fight and avoid damage for the spaceship. You can say that each damage for the ship moves it a step closer to the wormhole.
Of course, it would be the same for the enemies, so it becomes a real strategy, for example get the more dangerous ship closer to the black hole to make it fail a piloting roll.

If the spaceship is sent to a distant location, the players have to succeed a Spirit roll at 8 roll to know if they get crazy or not. If crazy, their character is no longer playable, sorry but we are speaking of a wormhole 😉

I hope these light rules will be useful for your game, and when you have tried it, leave me a reply 😉


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