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Say Hello to the SonicSpider, I give you the stats for such a dangerous creature at the end of the article 😉

Music can be an important part of a role-playing game session.

Music helps a lot to set the mood either for an entire session or for a precise moment, for example when your players are entering into a tavern or a cold dungeon.

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GoldenEye 007 (Fr)


Le film GoldenEye

Le septième film James Bond sortie en 1995 avec l’irremplaçable Pierce Brosnan (007) et Sean Bean (006-Janus).

Le nom GoldenEye rend hommage à Ian Fleming (le créateur de James Bond) car il a travaillé sur l’opération GoldenEye au cours de la guerre civile espagnole.

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GoldenEye 007 (En)


GoldenEye Movie

The seventeeth James Bond movie released in 1995 with the irreplaceable Pierce Brosnan (007) and Sean Bean (006-Janus).

The name GoldenEye pays homage to Ian Fleming (James Bond’s creator) because he worked on an operation called GoldenEye during the Spanish Civil War.


GoldenEye takes place during the Cold War, my favorite era for fictional stories. Nothing is more badass than secret operations during winter to destroy a hidden military base storing nuclear missiles.
GoldenEye, Red Alert, I grew up with this Cold War imagination and I love it.
I love snow, I love high-tech military devices, I love spies, I love English and Russian and I love nuclear weapons. Think about the movie « Lost in Space », this is again a fiction based upon the Cold War with the West forced to send a ship into space because they are losing the war against the Reds.

About GoldenEye, I prefer two scenes over the rest, at the beginning when 007 throws himself from the cliff to catch the plane, and at the end when he is driving a tank in St. Petersburg’s streets.

This is a great movie, the best amongst James Bond movies and Pierce Brosnan was the best James Bond.

Goldeneye logo

GoldenEye Game

Released in 1997 on Nintendo 64, GoldenEye 007 is one of the main FPS of the video game history because the campaign and the several challenges are excellent, as well as the multiplayer mode, 4 players on the same TV, the good old days…

This game was hard but the story was very interesting and really close to the movie. The gameplay was perfect, you had plenty of weapons and gadgets, you had sometimes to be stealth to avoid too many enemies in a gunfire, and you could start again a level to end it faster to unlock bonuses.

GoldenEye 007 is one of the main game of the video game history, a masterpiece among FPS and on Nintendo 64. I remember spending hours to unlock the bonus and on multiplayer with my friends. My favorite weapons were the RC-P90 and DD44 Dostovei. Later I discovered Counter Strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty, but my first FPS was GoldenEye 007 😉

Savage Worlds

It would not be interesting to have the stat-blocks for 006 and 007 because who would want to track James Bond? I prefer to give you the rules for some weird tools and weapons, so you can use it in your own spy setting which I hope will take place during Cold War 🙂

Laser Watch

Laser Watch
Range: 1
Damage: 2d10
RoF: 1
Cost: 1000
Shots: 10
Notes: AP6, used to cut through portion of floors or walls.

Moonraker Laser

Moonraker Laser
Range: 15/30/60
Damage: 2d8
RoF: 3
Cost: 2000
Shots: unlimited
Notes: AP2, Auto

Golden Gun

Golden Gun
Range: 15/30/60
Damage: 4 wounds
RoF: 1
Cost: 5000, a bullet cost 200
Shots: 1
Notes: 4 wounds against all organic enemies if hit

Training Day (Fr)

Training Day

« Pour protéger les brebis, il faut qu’on arrête le loup. Et faut être un loup pour arrêter un loup. »

Le meilleur film de Denzel Washington, et le meilleur film sur un flic corrompu, donc peut-être le meilleur film..?

Training Day est une lutte entre un détective des stups compétent mais corrompu (Alonzo Harris/Denzel Washington) et un jeune et intègre officier de police (Jake Hoyt/Ethan Hawke) à Los Angeles.

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Training Day (En)

Training Day

« To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf. »

The best movie of Denzel Washington and the best movie about a corrupted cop, so, maybe the best movie..?

Training Day is the fight between a skillful corrupted narcotics detective (Alonzo Harris/Denzel Washington) and a young upstanding police officer (Jake Hoyt/Ethan Hawke) in Los Angeles.

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Fight Club (Fr)

Fight Club

« La première règle du Fight Club est : il est interdit de parler du Fight Club. »


LE film à voir, dédié aux troubles psychiatriques mais aussi une très pertinente critique de notre société, et toujours autant d’actualité.

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Massacre à la Tronçonneuse

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Deux films essentiels, le premier sorti en 1974 et le second en 2003.
Tout le monde connait, même sans avoir vu les films, Massacre à la Tronçonneuse, ce film a rendu célèbre la tronçonneuse !

Mais je dois d’abord vous présenter la vraie histoire derrière ces films, car il y en a une…

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Two main movies, the first one released in 1974 and the second in 2003.
Everybody knows even withtout having seen the movie, what is The Chainsaw Massacre, this movie made famous the chainsaw!

But I have to begin with the true story behind these movies, because there is one…

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