Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

The video games

Mortal Kombat is one of the cornerstone of the video games for more than 20 years.

The first game was released in 1992, the last in 2015, and between both, there were 11 games which make this video game collection one of the best to have.

The distinctive feature of Mortal Kombat, unlike Dead or Alive or Tekken, is its high level of violence and its famous Fatalities and Babalities (which turn the opponent into a baby version).

Mortal Kombat is hard, you have to know the sequences of buttons for each character, and above all for your favorite one if you want to finish the game. It is not intuitive like Dead or Alive, the learning curve might be long, but you have a lot of pleasure when you master your character and do great moves and end the fight with a bloody Fatality.

Something also good in Mortal Kombat is that you can often use the arena against your opponent to do a Stage Fatality.
Whoever has played Mortal Kombat II remembers the Kombat Tomb and its Fatality with the uppercut to the ceiling full of spikes.

I played Mortal Kombat I, II and III, and played it again with Deadly Alliance in 2002. So I am not the biggest fan on Earth, and I really liked this universe with the movies.

The movies

Two movies, Mortal Kombat (1995) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997), based upon the video games, add interesting elements to the Mortal Kombat world.

For me they are good movies and I would love to watch a new one with nowadays technology for special effects.

You can see Christophe Lambert playing Raiden (the electric sorcerer), as well as a lot of characters, my favorite one being Scorpion (Come Here!).

The fights are good, not all I must admit, but I really love the one between Liu Kang and Reptile in the first movie.
I also like Goro, the mutant fighter with 4 arms, weird and fun character.

I advice you to watch them, be indulgent with the special effects, and take pleasure watching good fights in a dark fantazy world with Asian inspiration.

Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds is a universal role-playing game system edited by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, which allows you to play narrative or minature-based games. It is a very good system which makes easier the work for the Game Master and brings joy and fun at your table. You can buy it for only 10$ and it gives you access to all my free settings and home-made rules, as well as to the official and licensed settings.

Special rules

Mortal Worlds (nice name isn’t it?) is a world about fights, and to manage these fights I give you some home-made rules and the statblocks for some characters of Mortal Kombat I like.

Fighting Styles

I use the rules I made for Fight Club with some modifications.

You can choose a fighting expertise as a specialization which cost as much as increasing a skill that is equal to or greater than its linked attribute, or 1 skill point at the character creation.

Feel free to change the name of the martial art for a fighting style. For example the Pi Gua of Scorpion gives him +1 damage like Muay Thai.


Expert in Wrestling and Judo, you have a +1 bonus to grapple your enemy (Judo), or to make damage when you have grappled him or her (Wrestling).

Aggressive Martial Art

Expert in Free Fight and Boxing, your numerous fights made you tougher and stronger. You get either +1 in toughness (Free fight) or for damage (Muay Thai).

Dexterity Martial Art

You know when and where your enemy will hit, and also when and where to strike thanks to a hard training. You get either +1 in parry (Aïkido) or to your fighting roll (Karate).


When your opponent has suffered 4 wounds, it is time to finish him!

With a benny, you can try to finish your opponent if you succeed a Fighting roll.

A Fatality kills definitely your opponent, restores your health and gives you 1 point of reputation.

Reputation points are only a way to be reputed in the face of the Gods and among the other fighters.

You can only finish a Wild Cart opponent, the extras are not a sufficient challenge for your skills.


There is no powerpoint in Mortal Kombat. A lot of fighters have magic powers but their use is unlimited.
However, the best magic powers are hard to cast and require a score of 6 or even 8.

This is a more simple rule than the “No Power Points” of the core book because there aren’t any backlash neither.
With a raise, add 1d6 damage.


Arenas are a major element of a good fight. They are sacred places where 2 or more opponents will test their skills at the risk of losing their life.

Some arenas are also dangerous and can be used by a fighter to wound his opponent.

I will give you the rules for some arenas of the Mortal Kombat games.

Dead Pool

Dead Pool

The acid of the Dead Pool is a fatal threat to the fighters.

If you succeed to push your opponent into the acid pool, he is killed instantly.

Living Forest

Living Forest

The conscious and nasty trees of the living forest want to kill the fighters to take their souls.

Each time a fighter is only 2″ from a tree, he has to resist a Grappling action. The tree has a strenght of D12+2 and D6 in Fighting.

Soul Chamber

Soul Chamber

The sould chamber is a nightmare for every fighter. If you die there, your soul is absorbed and you come back to life as an undead warrior.

Every 4 turns, the opponents have to resist a Spirit test against the soul chamber (Spirit D12+2). With a failure, they suffer 1 wound.



The lava is a very dangerous threat to the fighters. Sometimes a lava ball crosses the room and aims randomly a fighter. The one who is aimed has to succeed an Agility roll (6), or suffers 3d6 fire damage.

Goro’s Lair

Goro Lair

The Goro’s Lair is a place of torture and death. Spikes and sharped bones are everywhere and inflict 2d6 damage.

You can push an opponent on a wall (which has spikes), or make him fall on the ground and hit the sharped bones.

It is also the arena where to do an uppercut Fatality 😉


These characters (Wild Cards) can be foes or allies for your players. They are stronger, faster and smarter, and are archetypes to structure your game and put real challenges on the path of your players.


Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d6, Spirit d12, Strenght d10, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d12+2, Arcana d8
Charisma: 0; Pace: 8; Parry: 9; Toughness: 8(armor 1)
Edges: Ambidextrous, Fleet-Footed, Improved Counterattack, Improved Martial Artist, Improved Nerves of Steel, No Mercy, Two-Fisted
Equipment: Stinger, range 4/8/12, damage 2d4 (per turn), the target is automatically grappled if hit and then come back to Scorpion at a pace of 8. The victim has to succeed a Strenght roll at 6 to be get free.
Fireball (6), range 12/24/48, duration instant, damage 2d8 on a medium template



Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d10, Spirit d12, Strenght d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d10, Arcana d12
Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 9; Toughness: 6
Edges: Improved Block, Improved Frenzy, Improved Level Headed, Improved Sweep, Improved Trademark Weapon (Staff)
Equipment: Staff
Bolt (4), range 12/24/48, duration instant, damage 2d6
Energy ball (6), range 12/24/48, duration 2 turns, damage 2d8 damage on a medium template
Storm (8), range 12/24/48, duration 3 turns, damage 2d10 on a large template



Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d6, Spirit d12, Strenght d10, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d12+2, Arcana d8
Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 9; Toughness: 8(armor 1)
Edges: Ambidextrous, Quick, Improved First Strike, Improved Martial Artist, Improved Nerves of Steel, No Mercy, Two-Fisted
IceTouch (6), range touch, duration 3 turns, no damage but toughness halved and the target is frozen (no action allowed)
IceWave (8), range cone template, duration 3 turns, no damage but toughness halved and the targets are frozen

Liu Kang

Liu Kang

Attributes: Agility d12+2, Smarts d6, Spirit d12, Strenght d10, Vigor d12
Skills: Fighting d12+2, Arcana d10
Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 9; Toughness: 8
Edges: Ambidextrous, Combat Reflexes, Improved Dodge, Improved Extraction, Improved Frenzy, Giant Killer, Hard to Kill, Improved Nerves of Steel, Two-Fisted
FireFists (6), range touch, duration 2 turns, add 1d4 to unarmed damage
Blast of Light (8), range 12/24/48, duration instant, 2d10 damage



Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d12, Strenght d12+2, Vigor d12+2
Skills: Fighting D12
Charisma: 0; Pace: 4; Parry: 8; Toughness: 10
Edges: Ambidextrous (pair of arms), Berserk, Brawny, Brawler, Bruiser, Improved Nerves of Steel, No Mercy, Four Fisted (pair of arms).
Goro can only attack two times per turn despite his 4 arms, but he has +2 to Grapple (Fighting and Strenght rolls)

Tell me by leaving a comment if you want more characters with their stats.

And now, Test Your Might 😉


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