The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions

Only released six months after Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions signs the end of the Matrix trilogy. It always leave a bitter taste in your mouth when it is the end of an universe you have loved.

This last movie is really easy to understand and is focused on action. It is time for the last battle in the real world between the Machines and Humanity. 250,000 sentinels are coming to attack Zion, one sentinel for one inhabitant, a cold machine count.

But thanks to Smith who is a danger for Humans and Machines, Neo has something to trade with Deus Ex Machina: to offer his life and kill Smith in exchange of peace with Zion.
The Machine leader accepts (it doesn’t really have the choice), and Neo goes into the Matrix to fight Smith which has assimilated all its inhabitants.

Neo let Smith assimilates him and Deus Ex Machina kills the real Neo’s body, so Neo and Smith die once and for all.
After the death of Smith, the Machines are saved, then they respect their agreement and remove the sentinels from Zion. The Architect and the Oracle agreed that peace will last as long as it can and that all humans will be offered the opportunity to leave the Matrix.

In the end, we have a good boosted action movie with a huge fighting in both worlds. There is still this messianic approach, the last battle, the epic duel, the accomplishment of the prophecy.

The question is: do peace last for a long time?

I don’t think so. If you have watched the Animatrix, you know how much Humans despise Machines and how these ones began to feel the same toward their creators.

A new Zion with million of inhabitants, a real army, and Machines with very little electric energy because of the lack of humans body, it is the prelude for a new war.

And between humans, it now leads to a new opposition between the ones who are satisfied to be liberated (and very angry with the Machines), and those who don’t want to live in this creepy world made of rocky lands and a black sky.

A fourth Matrix movie could have been entitled: The Matrix Resumption.

P.S. : I take a break from my blog for July and August. I wish you happy summer holidays, and see you soon in September. I hope to have finished on this date the setting for Savage Worlds I am currently working on 😉

Savage Worlds


I know that the Nebuchadnezzar was destroyed at the end of “The Matrix Reloaded”, but I wanted to group the stat blocks for the human equipment in the real world in this article, and it is a common hovercraft, so you can use its stat block for others, like the Logos of Niobe.

Armored Personnel Unit (APU)

Armored Personnel Unit
Type: Power Armor – Heavy Suit
Armor: +16
Weight: 0
Notes: Covers entire body, a called shot at -4 to hit the pilot.
Weapons:  Two 30mm rapid-fire cannons (rule in the core book)


Acc/TS: 25/60
Toughness: 25 (5)
Crew: 10
Notes: Heavy armor, Improved Stabilizer, Sensors for Sentinels (+4 to detect)
Weapons:  4 machine guns 360° rotating (Gatling .45).
The EMD shuts down all electric devices (including the hovercraft) in an LBT area, but also kills all humans still plugged to the Matrix.


Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d4, Spirit / (slave to superior program), Strenght d12, Vigor 10
Skills: Fighting d10, Notice d12, Shooting d10
 7; Toughness: 14 (4)
Notes: Sensors for Hovercraft and Humans (+4 to detect), Stealth (-4 to spot). Hardy (represent the fact it uses its tentacles to deflect projectiles)
– Clawed tentacles: 
Str+d6, AP2
– Laser:
2/4/8,  3d6, RoF 1, Shots infinite, AP10, Heavy weapon
– Tow bomb:
Acc/TS 15/60, damage 4d10, MBT, AP6, Heavy weapon


Acc/TS: 2/5
Toughness: 60 (10) for the drill, 35(10) for the legs
Notes: Drill 5 meters into concrete each turn. Takes 4 turns to lift up. When a leg is destroyed, it takes 2 turns for the others to get balanced and allow the drill to work. With 2 legs destroyed, the digger falls down.
Aim at the legs gives a penalty of -2 to the Shooting roll.



Zion is an underground city looking like a silo and with a lot of footbridges to link the different parts.
I use here the informations found on Wikipedia and give some rules to use them with Savage Worlds.
You might want to play the siege of Zion 😉


Zion was built four kilometers below the Earth’s surface, just above the Earth’s mantle, and exists entirely underground. The city itself is cylindrical (vertically inclined with respect to Earth’s surface) in design and possesses many levels including:

  • Council Chambers: This level is near the bottom area of the middle section of the city. It has a series of chambers that are used as living areas and offices for the members of the Zion Council.
  • Gathering Spaces: A level just below the Dock. It contains many areas where homeless or new arrivals rescued from the Matrix gather to live until permanent quarters are assigned.
  • Geo-Thermal Generation: This level is near the bottom of the city. It is dedicated to providing power to the city in the form of geothermal energy from the Earth’s core.
  • Life-Support Level: The bottom level of the city. It is dedicated to providing life support, in the form of water, warmth, air, etc., to the city’s population. In an ironic twist, the machines that do these tasks are entirely automated, but their human overseers have taken steps to ensure they can never reach sentience, and the machines have built-in kill switches that would shut them down at the first signs of sentience.
  • Living Quarters: The entire central middle section of the city. This level is dedicated to providing shelter for all of Zion’s population, numbering approximately 250,000.
  • Meeting Hall: A chamber near the bottom of the city. This is where the Council convenes and meets with Zion’s hovercraft Captains and military leaders and plans high-priority missions.
  • The Dock: The top level of the city and entrance into the underground tunnel network. The dock is operated and its systems administered by the operators in The Tower Crane. It provides a recharging station and repair area for the hovercraft fleet.
  • The Temple: A large cavern below the city itself. This cavern is dedicated to holding religious gatherings for the entire population, and also serves as a last defensive position in the event of a complete invasion by the Machines.


Zion has a multitude of defensive systems that collectively is commonly known as the Zion Defence Grid. The systems consist of:

  • Six Double-Barrel Turret Machine Guns: The main defensive system, installed in The Dock, which serves to protect incoming hovercraft from Machine incursions.
    Same rules as the 57mm AT Gun, there are 4 of them on each turret.
  • APU Corps: Mechanized bipedal combat suits that are used for heavy support in the event of an attack on The Dock by the Machines. The corps is led by Captain Mifune.
  • Infantry: Human soldiers equipped with electromagnetic “lightning” guns plus rocket-launchers. They are trained to defend the city in the event of a Machine incursion.
    Electromagnetic gun: 24/48/96 / 2d6, ignores armor / RoF 1 / ammo unlimited
    Doubled Rocket-launchers: Same rules as the Bazooka, but doubled.
  • Hovercraft Fleet: Electromagnetically powered hovercraft that continuously fight the Machines in the real world with EMP weapons, with crews fighting to free the Matrix’s captive human population by journeying into the Matrix itself.

EMP devices, despite being installed on every hovercraft in the fleet, were never installed in Zion’s defensive grid (even as a last resort), primarily because the city possesses no EMP shielding. Though an EMP could be used and every Machine in its range instantly disabled, the defensive grid, APU fighters and virtually every piece of defensive hardware in Zion would be permanently disabled as well, leaving the city with no way to defend itself during a second Machine incursion.

Siege of Zion

When this huge battle happened, there were:

  • 250,000 Sentinels
  • 350 APU
  • 10,000 Human soldiers

From the hole created by the Digger in Zion’s city concrete roof, there are thousands of sentinels passing at the same time.
To represent this, we will use the rules of Mass Battle.

The Machine army has 10 tokens while the Human army has 2 tokens.

Battle modifiers:
– Machines: +8 (difference between 10 and 2), -3 for terrain.
– Humans: +4 for artilerry support (turrets), +3 permanent for the defensive battle plan.
– So for the first round: Machines 15 / Humans 9

You now have to add the heroes force, they have a penalty of -6 if they are only Novice.


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