Savage Starcraft – RPG


Merry Christmas everyone, has a gift, I publish my new Savage Worlds fan setting: Savage Starcraft!

A year of work, I began in february, to get playable all the Starcraft units, create the character sheets, write a short story and create a short campaign.

Why so much work to adapt Starcraft to Savage Worlds?

  • Starcraft 1 was one of my favorite game in my childhood. Hours of game with the Terran to kill always more Zerg.
  • This is one of the best science-fiction world I know.
  • This is a universe made of true heroes, and what is best than Savage Worlds to be a true hero?

In this setting you will find:

  • A ten of playable units for the players: Marine, Marauder, Zealot, Hydralisk…
  • All the units of Starcraft with their Savage Worlds rules
  • An historical overview and a list of the planets
  • Several character sheets
  • A short story to set the mood
  • An initiation short campaign

So I have to thank you in advance for reading my setting, and I hope you will love it and play with it.
I also thank Pinnacle Entertainment to have created Savage Worlds and the fan licence.
And of course Blizzard to have given us one of the best video game of all time.

And a last word about Chris Metzen whom illustrations in Starcraft 1 manual have rocked my childhood.
I loved to look at it and dream about the drawned creatures and heroes.
Since then, I always prefer black & white drawings because they allow you to finish them in your mind…

Have a good read and leave me a reply to share your adventure 😉

Savage Starcraft English

Savage Starcraft English PrinterFriendly

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