Become a Developer

Become a Developer?

My first article about programming since I am learning for 4 months web development with Udemy, a great platform for online courses.

But knowing how to begin to learn programming is already a hard task because there are so many languages and so many ways to learn.

I will share with you how I became interested in programming and why I have chosen Udemy to learn.

Programming : an infinite world

I wasn’t really good at math at school and never disassembled my computer, so programming/computing were not something I was born with. However, I always was interested in new technologies and spent a lot of time on my computer, using software and for gaming.

Everything has started with GameMaker in late 2015, I decided to try coding and wanted to make my own little and simple game, a game like the ones I knew during my childhood. I wanted to make a vertical shooter game with a chopper (Desert Strike memories) and cut with some dialogues scenes from your commanding officer explaining the missions.


I stopped it because of my new job and my blog which I preferred at that moment, but I still have the files. I thanks the Gamemaker community which helped me a lot to understand this software and how to write my first lines of code.
When I will have enough knowledge and experience with web development, I plan to get back into game creation with Gamemaker or why not Unity!

After this, I became very interested in development at my work when my organization wanted to get a new website. I was in charge of the relation with the developers and… wanted to do their work!

So I began to learn at the end of 2016 the basics: HTML, CSS, what is a programming language…
Then I was very occupied with the role-playing games and my blog, and forgot to keep working programming until May 2017, when I started a 38 hours course on Udemy which teaches how to become a web developer. I finished this course in August 2017 : Certificate

So I would say that you can plan to become a developer if (not an exhaustive list) :

  • You already have a skill close to programming. For example, I make maps with QGIS and Illustrator and because I want to be able to create interactive maps, I naturally have to learn programming.
  • You like to go into details but are also able to understand the whole mechanism. At the same time synthetic and meticulous.
  • You like to spend hours on your computer and you want to earn your living with it.
  • You are curious and insatiable about intellectual knowledge.

Udemy : a good dynamic

Why did I choose Udemy?

First, I will not get back to college at 30.

Secondly, I bought my first 38 hours course about web development for… 10$!!!
Since I love to learn by myself, I couldn’t refuse such a great course for only 10$. HD videos, great teachers, all this from home or in the subway with my tablet.

Udemy is for me the Youtube of online courses. High quality, affordable, easy to use. It is my favorite platform.

If you want to learn programming on Udemy, I advise you to wait for a discount and to buy the courses with the most students and which were recently updated. Programming is constantly evolving, so don’t learn obsolete technologies and skills.

You will find what you are looking for. Front-end or Back-end web development, game design, programming with Python, C#, Java…, webdesign (UI/UX), graphic design…
You can spend hours, days and nights learning great stuff with great and helpful educators.

Learn web developement

To learn web development with Udemy, I advise you to start with a general course which will teach you HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/Javascript/PHP/MySQL/Wordpress…
It is important to learn some basic stuff about a lot of different languages and CMS, so you can know what you want to keep working and to become an expert in.
Then you can buy more detailed courses about one or several languages.
You like the Front-end, buy a specific course about CSS and another about Javascript, it is a good start, especially because Javascript allow you to also learn Back-end with Node.js, a server framework.

If you want it, go get it, only your will to succeed will make the difference 😉


Passionné par les jeux de rôle et l'imaginaire en général, une bonne partie de ma vie est aussi traduite en binaire. Ce blog est mon univers, prenez le temps de vous y perdre ;)

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