Eccentric dice

Some freshness with your dice

Revolution ! No more common D6 and D20, I want something new, eccentric dice, that my fellow players remember me, and pay homage to Tyche and Fortuna!

If you are like me, you surely want to use a lot of different dice in your game, especially if you are the GM.

You are lucky because this article is about strange, weird, original and interesting dice! Follow me 😉

I will show you a lot of different dice that can improve your game or add some fun, and will give you some ideas to use them with Savage Worlds:
*This article is not sponsorised, I just put a link to where you can buy the die.

  • Location of wounds can be boring, slow the game or very hard to manage. If you want to hand it over to Tyche or Fortuna, use this D12 die from Chessex.
    An idea for your Savage Worlds game. With a -2 penalty to your attack roll, you can roll the location die. It simplifies the rule since there isn’t anymore a -4 penalty, but you are not sure when you hit with the die, so it is counterbalanced.
  • Bonus and Penalty can also be led by chance, a good way to stop a dispute between the GM and a player. If you play with Savage Worlds rules (if not, you should), use this D6 Modificer die.
    The perfect die for Savage Worlds modifiers if you want to let fate manage them.
  • You are looking for classy dice perfect to make your players roll how many copper/silver/gold pieces they found, use these Metal Plated dice.
    For Savage Worlds, they also could be Joker dice. A plastic d6 for a novice character, an aluminium one for a seasoned, a copper one for a veteran, a silver die an heroic character, and finally a gold d6 for a legendary character.
  • Dialogs between PC and NPC can be boring or useless, especially when one of your player is trying to sell is sword to the blacksmith, arguing that it is really a good sword. To manage easily the response of the NPCs, this Language Decision die is the tool you need.
    You can make easier the NPC reaction table using this die. Yes = positive attitude, No = hostile attitude, Maybe = neutral attitude.
  • These beautiful dark and gothic six-sided dice are what you need for a dark setting or a dark PC or NPC. Skull dice, also excellent for a pirate setting.
    For Savage Worlds, I am sure they should be amazing for the rolls of the injury table.
  • Where is going this grenade, a very difficult question to answer. You can try to solve all the physics problems to calculate its trajectory. But if you want to keep your players around the table, I advise you to use this Orientation Randomizer d6. The arrow shows the direction and the number how many yards the grenade (or another projectile) has deviated from its target.
    For Savage Worlds, you can substitute the d6 and the d12 by this die, and still multiply by 1/2/3 depending of the range.
  • Sometimes you need to know whether an action is a success, a failure, or if it requires more time. Or maybe you want the player to roll this Fudge die to determine if he/she has a bonus, a penalty or nothing.
    In Savage Worlds, they also can be used to determination NPC reaction, -1/+1 modifier or the loot in a chest. But I thought of a rule where there could be three categories of weapons. Poor quality ones where the “Minus” gives you a -1 penalty to both the attack and the damage roll, and the other sides nothing. Standard quality ones with still a -1 penalty with a minus, nothing with a blank side, and a +1 bonus with a “Plus”. Good quality ones which only give you a +1 bonus with a plus and nothing with the other sides.
  • Every good role-playing game starts or ends in an inn, its a sacred rule, a founding principle. So, if you want to add some randomness to what the PCs will drink, these Party Drink dice are your best buddies.
    Nothing more to add for Savage Worlds, except that your inns will really be savage!!!
  • You want precision, or maybe your players don’t believe you when you make their characters bite the dust. Casino dice should solve this problem. It’s time for Judgement Day!
    For Savage Worlds, they can be very good Joker dice. You can’t confuse them with standard dice.
  • For a contemporary setting or at least an adventure taking place in our world, these Astrological dice can help you to determine the astrological zodiac sign of the PCs. It can give some hints about the personalities.
    For Savage Worlds, you could assign an Edge and an Hindrance to each zodiac sign, and then each player rolls a die to know which ones he/she gets.
  • We always plan the encounters along the path of the PCs, not always the weather they will endure. I advise you this Weather d6 and these Impact Weather d6 which will add randomness to the environment.
    For Savage Worlds, make your players often roll the dice to create a savage and unsettled weather.
  • Sometimes a GM and a player can argue about whether an action is possible or not. The Probability die will cut short this arguing.
    For Savage Worlds, a Certain action doesn’t need a roll, while an Impossible one is… impossible. Between these two, -4 penalty for a Highly Unlikely action, -2 penalty for an Unlikely one, nothing for an Equally Likely action and a +2 bonus for a Likely one.
  • The best one for the end, an essential die when the PCs enter a brothel, the Sexy Erotic die. Surely an ally of the party drink die, they work very well together. The more you drink, the more a lady of the night can take advantage of you to empty your purse. I warned you!

It makes several new rules and I am sure that there are a lot of other ways to use these dice, and a lot of other strange dice I didn’t mention. So, feel free to add them in a comment.

All these dice help us to have fun and to think different.

Be creative and add weird rules and dice if you want to. In my opinion, a good role-playing game is a fun one, so I really love to try new rules and new way of playing.

Have fun, Tyche and Fortuna are watching you 😉


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