Savage Theft Auto

Savage Theft Auto – RPG

To wait before the release of the new version of Savage Worlds (Pinnacle Entertainment Group), I share with you my new setting: Savage Theft Auto.

As you can guess, it’s all about Grand Theft Auto, one of the greatest video game.

Want to play a criminal or a cop?

You should give a try to this setting. There are all the rules necessary to recreate the ambiance of the GTA video game:

  • Wanted Level
  • Losing your stuff when busted
  • Healing with prostitutes
  • And a lot more…

It is also a setting you can use to create an interesting campaign in which your players will play criminals or cops.

So, enjoy it, we are a month from Christmas 😉

This product is entirely free, not backed by the game developers, and I have no rights on the images or the universe of Grand Theft Auto. Buy the excellent GTA video games to support it 😉

Here you can get the rules and the character sheet!

Savage Theft Auto

Cover GTA


Character Sheet GTA SW


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