Savage Starcraft – RPG


Merry Christmas everyone, has a gift, I publish my new Savage Worlds fan setting: Savage Starcraft!

A year of work, I began in february, to get playable all the Starcraft units, create the character sheets, write a short story and create a short campaign.

Why so much work to adapt Starcraft to Savage Worlds?

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Dead Space SW – RPG

Dead Space SW

Months of work, a great meticulousness, a lot of rules to create, to get playable the world of Dead Space with the marvelous rules of Savage Worlds published by Pinnacle Entertainment.
You can buy these rules for only 9.99$ here.

In this setting, you will find most of the Dead Space weapons, more than ten, nearly all the necromorphs, tables to quickly spawn monsters and stuff, a short scenario to push your imagination and an editable PDF character sheet. Oh yes, all of this, for free !

If you are a fan of the Dead Space world, or a fan of action roleplaying-games, or a fan of Savage Worlds, I think you will love to discover my setting and will have pleasure in the dark gangways of an abandoned spaceship…

You are welcome to write a feedback, I can make some corrections if it is necessary, have a good game 😉

EDIT: I thank the podcast « The Wild Die », which is really good, for the presentation of Dead Space SW in their episode 25 (29:20-38:10).

Dead Space RPG SW En

Dead Space RPG SW En PRINT

Sentenced to Death

Sentenced to Death PRINT

Editable character sheet

Character sheet