Sons of Anarchy (En)

Sons of Anarchy

A good, really good TV Show I only watched in 2016, so I had 7 seasons to catch up, a long task.

I immediately became attached to this motorcycle club with very different personalities and torn between the greed of strong mafias.

In a nutshell, you follow the story of a motorcycle club led first by Clay Morrow, then Jax Teller (son of Gemma and John Teller, the man who founded the club) in the fictional town of Charming (near Oakland). The story between Morrow and Teller drives the one of the club which will go through a lot of problems such as the ATF, other gangs, mafias, private hard feelings…

I will SPOIL some parts of the scenario because I want to tell you what I think of this TV show, and all the hate I have to this devil who is Gemma Teller-Morrow !!!

This is the character who caused quite every problem the club had to cope with. First, she worked hand in hand with Clay Morrow to kill John Teller, her husband, who finally commited suicide. Second, she killed Tara Knowles, the wife of her son Jax Teller. To finish, she lied two times about main subjects, causing at the end very big problems to the club.
Gemma is devilish, no hidden pure part in her heart. She even asked her own son to kill her; didn’t she think it would kill him, his mind ?

This TV show is really interesting, a lot of plots, deep characters, enjoyable atmosphere on the West Coast with a motorcycle club lifestyle to watch.

Ron Perlman (Clay) is perfect in the role of a dark and violent boss, but you understand after his death that Gemma is worst. The conflict between him and Jax goes mounting season after season, until Jax get rid of him. Clay had got killed Opie’s wife (Opie is the best friend of Jax) and almost Tara, so he is not a kind guy for his brothers.

I have to congratulate Tig and Chibs, the only two who survived from all the characters on this picture below :

Sons of Anarchy 2

This show is all about the erosion, amorality and upsurge in violence of a local motorcycle club. Clay led to it to get more money and retire with Gemma, Jax take over from him to get the club out of criminality and live another life with Tara. Both of them failed because both of them always postpone the real decision taking.

Sons of Anarchy is quite harsh to watch because you see a lot of good characters die and there is no happy end. They are all stuck in an hellish situation which get always worse until Jax learn the thruth, kill the last threatening people for the club and commit suicide after having entrusted his sons to Wendy Case, his first partner and mother of his first son.

However something is really fun is this show, the fact that the oldest son of Jax is so poorly played. I know this is a child who is playing, but OMG, he doesn’t even have the simpliest emotions, he doesn’t look in the eyes his own father (in the story). This kid have stunned me, I think cinema is not for him, really not.

I am curious to know what you think of this show, and if you agree with me about Gemma. So, leave a comment and I will be pleased to answer you 😉

Stranger Things (En)

Stranger Things

What to say about this masterpiece. I am still in the world of this TV Show that I finished monday.

I love this show, everything is perfect, the atmosphere, the actors and their performance, the soundtrack, the story, the artistic direction…

Having built the story with the point of view of some child makes it more frightful. You feel like them, back in your childhood memories, and mine are strong because I play roleplaying games since my eighth years old. I could have been Will, it gives another depth to the story.

This TV Show also brings me back to my childhood, which were in the 90′, when I was watching documentaries and movies about aliens and paranormal phenomenons with my parents. Of course, I couldn’t sleep after it !

I always loved stories about parallel worlds, government plots, Cold War dark projects…

I also love dark and sad worlds full of strange creatures, and the Vale of Shadows is really interesting as a dark parallel world opened by a failed experiment. You can find the same type of stories in the Stephen King book « The Myst » or in the video-game Half-Life developed by Valve.

Stranger Things is amazing and I hope it will keep the same quality for the next season. If you want to get back to your childhood and let your imagination lead you, you can’t miss this show 😉

The Strain (En)

The Strain

You like the vampires but not the ones wearing a suit, go for the Strain !

The Strain is a really well-made horror-fantazy TV show which renew the vampire story. I also found a similarity with the Cthulhu mythos but will not explain why, because I don’t want to spoil the story.

You follow an old jewish man who knew the nazi bloody tyranny, who met the demi-god of the vampires and since then is trying to destroy it.
The story takes place nowadays in the USA, NYC, with this old man, two scientists of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a semipsychotic guy who is a rats exterminator, and a very rich old man with his partner.

I don’t want to tell too many things about the story, this TV show is still new and you may not have seen it yet.

The atmopshere is great, gloomy, more often during the night, with really dangerous vampires and a high risk of being infected by them.

My favorite character is this old jewish man, a complicated man with a deep and hard past, a strong-will and who have sacrificed everything to hunt this vampire demi-god. He always leads the group, knows the truth and what has to be done. He is what allows all the other characters to understand the events, it is really interesting as a narrative outline.

If it was a roleplaying game, he would be the non-player character choosen by the game master to give important informations to the players.

If you want something new about vampires and if you like horror-fantazy stories, you have surely already watched this show. If not, why are you still here ? Are you afraid ? 😉

Revolution (En)


Revolution, a TV-show with a simple concept, really well represented and with a brilliant artistic direction.

The core concept of the show is the end of electricity. The story takes place in a post-apo world where life is once again hard, tiresome and precarious.
We watch the story of some well-played charismatic characters, my favorite is Sebastian « Bass » Monroe, as for me the best character of the show thanks to the depth of his personality and the performance of the actor.

The story takes place is a North America really different, there are fewer states than nowadays and they are : Monroe Republic / Georgia Federation / Plains Nation / Texas / Wasteland / California Commonwealth.

The Monroe Republic, a dictatorship with Philadelphia as a capital city, born from the ashes of the powerful United States and with the original goal to restore the order. Miles and Bass, two tough guys, observe the chaos and the violence now prevailing in the USA, and in reaction, Miles leads to the creation of the Monroe Republic. After that, Sebastian will take charge of the leadership and will turn it into a dictatorship. He can count on the captain Tom Neville, a really interesting character eventually darker than Sebastian.

Why did I love this show which was wrongly canceled ?

The atmosphere : a mixed of modern clothes and equipments with some fights with cavalrymen sabers of the 18th century : awesome !

Sebastian Monroe : the villain who is not really bad, but rather a man frightened by the chaos and the violence who follows, who wants to restore the order. More scarred than evil-minded.

The Monroe Republic : The creation of Miles and Bass. This state is the pole of their relationship which has evolved from brothers in arms to sworn enemies. The Monroe Republic is also represented by Tom Neville and his son. Finally, she is the driving force toward the quest for electricity.

To recap, Sebastian Monroe wants to take possession of some tools allowing the owner to restore electricity in a limited area, in order to get ready his choppers and tanks. Against him there are Miles and his team who want to stop Sebastian, and result from this opposition a great discovery which I will not spoil.

Even if this show was stopped in its tracks, I only can advise you to watch it for its scenario as well as its quality 😉

Battlestar Galactica (En)

Battlestar Galactica


Battlestar Galactica, an awesome TV Show, 4 seasons of hapiness, plots and action in a universe with a lot of philosophy, religious questions and a real role for the robots to play in the story.

The story begins with the worst treason of all time, the one of Gaius Baltar who gives the entire defense system of Humankind for a woman. Of course, he doesn’t know (even if I am sure he had some doubts) that she is a cylon, but he still betray everyone for some s…

After the cylon’s attack which got revenge from deep space, and the obliteration of the twelve colonies with the death of ten billion people, we start to watch the story of the Battlestar Galactica, an old, shut down spaceship, without electronic and rearmed in extremis to take arms.

I will not do a synopsis season by season, not enough memories, but instead write what have marked me in this TV show.

First, the robots, the cylons are incredibly human. They live in a society organized in two castes, the soldiers and the robots with a human appearance and intelligence who give the orders and think a lot (too much).
The first war was made to get free from human domination and slavery, the second to eradicate Humanity. Among the evolved cylons, not all are against the humans and there is a political and relational game which really gives breadth to these robots.

Then the setting, the submarine atmosphere with analog controls for a spaceship capable of hyperspace flight, its a work of art. This spaceship cross the galaxy but the crew still use phones as big as printers. In the same time, without this outdated technology, the Battlestar Galactica would have been hacked and put out of action by the cylon’s computer virus.

The characters, a really interesting complicated play with continual peripetias. Philosophical, political and religious questions for the Humans and the cylons, really well played by the trans-species couple formed by Gaius Baltar and Caprica Six. There really is a quest for meaning, emphasized by this run away flight of the Battlestar Galactica. A real initiatory trip for the prey and the predator.

In terms of society and politics, both have inner problems ; the Humans are always protesting against the leadership of William Adama and Laura Roslin whereas the cylons can’t come to an agreement about the fate to give to the last survivors.

About the characters, each one is complex and makes real choices during the story. The few infiltrated cylons, sure to be Humans like Boomer, add a layer to this already deep story. There is a strong link between Humans and cylons, we are not in a movie like Terminator which mainly consists of fights.

Battlestar Galactica is the best science-fiction TV show because the robots are questioning the place of Humanity in the universe, and the best show of philosophy and spirituality with a quest for faith for the cylons and a strong mythology for the Humans with for example the search for Earth.

If you haven’t yet seen this show, you know what you have to do 😉


From Walking Dead to Fear…

The Walking Dead

I warn the fans, I only know The Walking Dead with the TV-Show.

I am watching this show since the first season and I immediately liked it. The design work, the performance of the actors and the quality of the zombies are really its strong points. The actors and the atmosphere always make up for some flaws in the screenplay.

Since the first season, the progression of our group of survivors have been interesting. Firstly overwhelmed by the zombies, the other survivors became gradually the worst enemies.

So we begin with a small weak group facing packs of zombies.
Then this group of survivors managed to settle in a farm, farm which be lost because of zombies.
After this, the group found a city with the Governor as leader, and you know what’s next ; total-annihilation.
So everyone moved to the prison for a new start. From the prison, the zombies are not really THE threat because with the sixth season we discover a new level of this post-apocalyptic world : the emergence of well-organized small societies.

Friends or foes, it changes everything. Rick thought that he may with his group solve the problem of Negan but have discovered with amazement that they were totally outnumbered. They stirred up a hornet’s nest which had too many hornets. The season ended with a duel to come between Negan’s group and the one Morgan and Carol met.

We saw the rise in power of the show toward a more important role for the human life. The zombies are progressively laid aside and their putrefaction shows it. The next season will surely show the fight of Rick’s group, caught between these two small societies in a war-political game where psychopaths of all kinds have a great power.


Fear the Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead go back to the beginning of the infection, still without explaining its causes.

I also like this show ; the world is still interesting with very good actors. Some more episodes and they could get the charisma of Walking Dead characters.

This sea trip is a good idea and if we can see the zombies infestation somewhere else than in the USA it can really complete the Walking Dead show.

However I was surprised and disappointed that the zombies infestation was so fast. I really liked the first episodes where we saw the panic and decay of the society threatened by this « virus ». I didn’t understand why we got so quickly to a post-apocalyptic world like The Walking Dead.

Lots of things could have happened with the growth of the infestation ; the rise in power of the army, the panic in the society, the Governement withdraw… Why did they wipe out all these ideas ? Two seasons would have allow to get the characters to live strong events and to show us in detail the consequences of the « virus » for the World, before going to the post-apo stage.

I hope the show will stay for a long time and I am waiting to see where the screeplay will lead us. However, I fear too many similarities with The Walking Dead show if chaos gets too sooner and that the characters become too fast zombie-killers like Rick or Daryl.

I hope to see inhabited cities, an infestation which has not spread all over the world and in the countryside, and military forces still able to give some interesting plots.