GoldenEye 007 (En)


GoldenEye Movie

The seventeeth James Bond movie released in 1995 with the irreplaceable Pierce Brosnan (007) and Sean Bean (006-Janus).

The name GoldenEye pays homage to Ian Fleming (James Bond’s creator) because he worked on an operation called GoldenEye during the Spanish Civil War.

GoldenEye takes place during the Cold War, my favorite era for fictional stories. Nothing is more badass than secret operations during winter to destroy a hidden military base storing nuclear missiles.
GoldenEye, Red Alert, I grew up with this Cold War imagination and I love it.
I love snow, I love high-tech military devices, I love spies, I love English and Russian and I love nuclear weapons. Think about the movie « Lost in Space », this is again a fiction based upon the Cold War with the West forced to send a ship into space because they are losing the war against the Reds.

About GoldenEye, I prefer two scenes over the rest, at the beginning when 007 throws himself from the cliff to catch the plane, and at the end when he is driving a tank in St. Petersburg’s streets.

This is a great movie, the best amongst James Bond movies and Pierce Brosnan was the best James Bond.

Goldeneye logo

GoldenEye Game

Released in 1997 on Nintendo 64, GoldenEye 007 is one of the main FPS of the video game history because the campaign and the several challenges are excellent, as well as the multiplayer mode, 4 players on the same TV, the good old days…

This game was hard but the story was very interesting and really close to the movie. The gameplay was perfect, you had plenty of weapons and gadgets, you had sometimes to be stealth to avoid too many enemies in a gunfire, and you could start again a level to end it faster to unlock bonuses.

GoldenEye 007 is one of the main game of the video game history, a masterpiece among FPS and on Nintendo 64. I remember spending hours to unlock the bonus and on multiplayer with my friends. My favorite weapons were the RC-P90 and DD44 Dostovei. Later I discovered Counter Strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty, but my first FPS was GoldenEye 007 😉

Savage Worlds

It would not be interesting to have the stat-blocks for 006 and 007 because who would want to track James Bond? I prefer to give you the rules for some weird tools and weapons, so you can use it in your own spy setting which I hope will take place during Cold War 🙂

Laser Watch

Laser Watch
Range: 1
Damage: 2d10
RoF: 1
Cost: 1000
Shots: 10
Notes: AP6, used to cut through portion of floors or walls.

Moonraker Laser

Moonraker Laser
Range: 15/30/60
Damage: 2d8
RoF: 3
Cost: 2000
Shots: unlimited
Notes: AP2, Auto

Golden Gun

Golden Gun
Range: 15/30/60
Damage: 4 wounds
RoF: 1
Cost: 5000, a bullet cost 200
Shots: 1
Notes: 4 wounds against all organic enemies if hit

BroForce (En)


War, Death, Muscles!!!!

BROFORCE is all about brutality, violence, destruction, war… and humor!

It is all your 70-80-90′ movies in a single video-game where you can play your favorite hero and kill the enemies of the USA. USA is great in Broforce, it is freedom, democracy, civilization, and you have to bring all of this on Earth by kicking some terrorist, alien and devil asses, what’s best?

This game is original and amazing. With pixel like graphics, and the level is entirely destructible.
Each hero has his own gameplay. You play Indiana Jones, renamed Indiana Brones, then go for the lash. You play Rambro, sorry but no bow with explosive arrows, instead a machine gun and some grenades.
And a lot more heroes from really different movies.

The game is very nervous, fast, furious, you need to think and act quick, no doubt, no fear, you are a BRO!

There is a campaign which is fun because you will encounter the main enemies of these movies. First, the terrorists, then the aliens, and to finish the devils.

Sky Fortress

Acid Crawler


The game can be quite hard sometimes, the time to understand how to kill the boss. Of course, you don’t have the time to think in this game, you can only fight, and fight hard!
When you end a level, you fight the boss, like in the old days. I love it!

Once the campaign finished, you can dowload free adventures made by the community, and they are good.

You can play in multiplayer in cooperation.
Deathmatch is fun but only offline. This is the problem of this game, really demanding on your computer because you can destroy everything in a torrent of explosions. So it was hard to make a real multiplayer deathmatch mode, too bad.

If you want to know more, yes I am still waiting for Lieutenant Rasczak of Starship Troopers, watch this video 😉

Kerbal Space Program (En)

Kerbal Space Program

A game about the space conquest, yes it exists, and it is very good !

I found this one on Steam during the Christmas promotion and don’t regret.

In this game, you will start with a rocket a little bit more advanced than the V-2 of Von Braun, and end with space rockets capable of flying to another planets. All this in a precise simulator where one mistake can cost your success or even the life of your little Kerbal (inhabitants of Kerbin, an Earth-like planet).

I advise you to start with the tutorials because you can’t go into this game as with others. You will not learn it by playing or clicking everywhere, you need to have the basics and they are quite complex for basics.
How to build a real rocket (not a missile), how to leave atmosphere, how to put your rocket into orbit, how to leave it, how to go to Mun (the Moon), land, leave the ground, go back to Kerbin… So many things to know before playing, but the tutorials are really fun, as the Kerbals heads.

What is captivating in this game is that you discover the space physics, you don’t fly like you are on Earth. You don’t aim the moon like you would aim at a runway with a plane. Each of your movement is linked to gravity and orbit, and a good behavior is to save your fuel and pilot cautiously.

You truly feel the thing when you separate from the first stage of your rocket when in high atmosphere, then stabilise your orbit before activating a little thrust to change it. When you come back on Kerbin you are anxious for your Kerbal, with the heat and the risk that the parachute doesn’t open.

The atmosphere of this game is great (and fun), the graphics are good, the simulation is really well done.

You have different game modes : Sandbox, Science and Career. I only tried for the moment the Career mode which include Science. I like to manage everything, missions, recruitment, rocket construction, the flies…
Sandbox is surely funny but I don’t want to get bored of the game because I would have done stupids rockets and flies, and not be able to come back to the realistic and demanding Career mode.

Here a glimpse of what you can do in Kerbal Space Program, if you like it, go on Steam to support this smart game 😉

Alien : Isolation (En)

Alien Isolation

The Xenomorph, not a pet for grandma 😉

First, the fantastic Alien vs Predator 2 released in 2001. Remember when you were running in the vents, hoping that no Alien was behind you.

Then in 2010 was released a new Alien vs Predator, and it was not a good game. Really boring, I didn’t finish it.

I should have begun with the real Alien games you could tell me, the really old ones, but I never played it, so, I can’t write something about it, except that Alien : Isolation is not the first pure Alien game.

Alien Isolation 2

In this game, released in 2014, you will find an asymetric gameplay that they should have also done for multiplayer, like what you can find nowadays in Dead by Daylight or soon in Friday 13th. 4 Humans and 1 Xenomorph in a spaceship, the Humans trying to escape…

But this a solo game and you are ALONE, 1 vs 1, your frail human body against a killing machine made of acid !
This game was made by a psycho, you play cat and mouse but you are the mouse, and against you this is a Tiger !

You can only avoid or create a diversion to hope surviving to the Xenomorph. It can smell and heard you from a great distance.
If you are trapped, you could survive by hiding in a locker or behind a table, maybe it will work, maybe not, probably not…

About the atmosphere, you really feel like you were in an Alien movie. It is really good, the sounds, the graphics, this is Alien.

About the gameplay, it is good but sometimes quite rigid. The motion of the Xenomorph is not very flexible too.

One thing I don’t like is that you can do nothing. You are more than weak, you are a useless piece of meat for a hungry Xenomorph.
The Xenomorph can pop-up from nowhere, if you use your detector it will hear you, it knows you are here even when you are hiding in a locker for 5 minutes.
Often the Xenomorph is patrolling (the old good script) right where you have to go for no reason. Have you ever seen a Lion, a Tiger or a Bear patrolling for nothing ? No, if there are no prey, they just go or try to find one. Not the Xenomorph, it is waiting for you, it makes the game not realistic.

I would have a prefer a better hunting mechanic. You can go everywhere, if you are quiet, then the probabilities are small to be detected by the Xenomorph. Of course sometime you should have been forced to make noise, like when turning a valve. Sometime the Xenomorph could have been also waiting to trap you, this a predator behavior.

This is a good game and a very frightening one, the best I think, better than Slender Man. But I really didn’t like this feeling of : We put the Xenomorph here because is has to be like that !

For a cat and mouse game, I would like a better flow and surprises, not being stuck like a fish in a net.

If you want to try it, you can buy it on Steam. Be brave worker of the Weyland-Yutani.

And to finish this article, I let you appreciate this piece of art (Aliens 1978) from the master H. R. Giger 😉

Happy New Year

H. R. Giger


Urban Chaos (En)

Urban Chaos

A golden oldie PC game, one of my favorite (I know there are many) game, released in 1999, then 2000 on Playstation and Dreamcast.

This is a game totally dependent to its era of release. You play a cop in a dark city and during your inquiry, you will slowly understand that a plot put the city in danger behind this growing chaos as new millennium approaches.

The cop you are playing is D’arci Stern (on the pictures), a recruit of the Union City Police Department. You deal with a local gang called the Wildcats and lead by a villain called Bane. Then things go worse and Bane, who is a warlock, summon a Baalrog to destroy Union City.

This game was amazingly captivating. Back in 1999, you had a city all for you, playing a cop and in 3D !
You were able to fight criminals, bust them, drive cars, climb the walls of buildings…
You also had a map where you could choose your next mission, almost an open-world.

Urban Chaos 2

I also remember the soundtrack which went well with the atmosphere of the game.

Everything was good, but the gameplay was hard. You had to be handy and precise when playing because it was easy to fall from a roof or miss a hit.

This game is no longer available on Steam, but it is on GOG.

I would love to hear about a sequel, Urban Chaos II, with the possibilities given nowadays it could be a fantastic game, even if Mucky Foot Productions (Developers) no longer exists.
It’s a pity that they didn’t take advantage of 2012 and it’s apocalypse hype to do it.

Urban Chaos is still interesting, ugly for our 2016 eyes, but enjoyable 😉

Merry Christmas

Stronghold (En)


Stronghold, the castle siege simulation I played for hours, I love castles, they are impressive, wonderful constructions and last for centuries with our ghosts inside of them…

In Stronghold, you develop your small village and build your own castle. Of course, you have an enemy, like The Rat :

Oh, yes. I bet now you are worried. My imperial troops will soon be upon you

He might sound dangerous, but in fact he is not, obviously not.

You have to manage your people and the respect they have for you, either by happiness or terror ! Between gardens or gallows, make your choice new Lord.

You have to make sure they have enough food, enough churches and enough beers (not vital). You also get wood, stones, iron and pitch.

You improve slowly your castle and your army until either you or your enemy attack.  Here is the weak point of the game. Build your castle is really fun, as managing your peasants, but the battles are not really interesting.

You have a lot of choices to make your army : archer, pikeman, swordman, knight, ladderman, catapult…

But it doesn’t work really well. Too many ways to « cheat » on the game and win quite easily. There is a lack of strategy when you play a skirmish, but the game is still fun thanks to the traps you prepared to your ennemy’s forces.

To really feel what was a medieval siege, you should on the contrary play a siege game where you can customize your army with a limited amount of points to spend, so the battle is balanced.

But I don’t want to say this is a bad game, it is a fantastic game (especially in LAN) which will be even better with its successor : Stronghold Crusader, released in 2002.

In Stronghold Crusader, you play either Christians or Saracens during the Crusades. You have access to the Saracen mercenaries to improve your army, which add some new tactics to conquer your neighbor’s castle. I also loved this game because you have twice as many units and a different landscape to play.

After, there were several sequels : Strongholf 2 / Stronghold Legends / Stronghold Crusader : Extreme / Stronghold Kingdoms / Stronghold 3 / Stronghold Crusader 2.

Stronghold Crusader : Extreme is interesting because you can play with huge armies.

Stronghold Crusader 2 is quite good, not a masterpiece as was the firt game, but a good game.

So, Stronghold is a unique game series which some will love while others will not understand why it is entertaining.

If you want to try it, or get back into your medieval siege memories, everything is available on Steam 😉

Twisted Metal (En)

Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal, one of my favorite game, I spend sooooooo many hours playing it, finishing the story with each vehicle. Try to fight Minion with a motorcycle, some will understand what I mean 😉

This game is crazy, everything is crazy, as crazy as Carmageddon but more suitable for all because running over people is not the core of the game.

This is a car-combat game which started in 1995 on Playstation 1. Calypso, a really evil character, created the Twisted Metal Contest where you can come fight with your vehicle and try to win. The contest takes place on different places on Earth, so on several maps.

You have a short story on each participant, and I still remember the videos of Twisted Metal 2, they were incredible.

So you choose a character and his car, then start to fight on the first map. And the game goes on this way until you fight the big boss !

During the fight, you can crash into your opponents, fire missiles, napalm, electric beams… until you are the last one. No race, no victory if you run over everyone (and there is not a lot of people anyway), only the harsh way of fight.

I only really know Twisted Metal 2 because I had a Playstation and spent a lot of time playing. But Twisted Metal has continued his way with Twisted Metal III in 1998 and IV in 1999, then Twisted Metal Black in 2001, Head-On in 2005 and extra edition in 2008, then to finish Twisted Metal in 2012 (look at the concept-art).

Twisted Metal Art

You can see Axel (the big wheels) and Bruce Cochrane (the pink flame-thrower car) and another one I can’t identify, the one on who they are firing.

So Twisted Metal is a long story, one of the main game series in the video game world. It is a landmark for every car-combat game, and there were others, like Interstate 76 and 82, Vigilante 8…

It seems that they are shooting a movie, yes, Twisted Metal movie. With a lot of money they could make a really good 3D-movie. Because apart of big explosions and psycho characters, what could they put in this movie, seriously ?

I hope a new Twisted Metal will be released in 2017 or 2018. Calypso never dies !

Project Zomboid (En)

Project Zomboid

I said that I would write an article about this game, here it is !

So, Project Zomboid is the creation of a small team, I think they were two at the beginning and had to finish the game to be able to pay their bills. Quite an hardcore development process, but congratulations to them !

In Project Zomboid, you create your character, like a roleplaying-game, which is really fun. You choose your clothes, and more important can choose an Occupation like Lumberjack or Doctor. Your Occupation gives you bonuses and penalties, and you can go further and choose some Traits, which are either hindrances or edges. At the end, the total has to be 0 for a balanced character.

For a first game, try to keep a character without too many penalties because you don’t know  yet how to play.

The game has isometric graphics like a lot of games. The good point is that your computer will not catch fire, the bad one is for God-graphics addicts because it feels like you are in 2000′. Personnaly, I think simple graphics are good for a zombie game.
Despite these graphics, you really feel your environment. There is a good atmosphere, a good design of the all game.

You also can customize your game, like the characteristics of the zombies. You may even make them like 28 Days Later, you can, try, I tried, I will not do it again 🙂

When you start to play, there is electricity and running water, you will find plenty of food in each house, this is quite easy. Then the end of the world become little by little more tangible, no more electricity, water… So you will have to make your own fire and craft a lot of other things.

The zombies are everywhere and in the normal setting only walk. But there a LOT of them, so be careful.

The common points with State of Decay are the atmosphere, the similarity with The Walking Dead and the gameplay (searh a house, run away by a window…) even they are really different for two points.

  • Project Zomboid has isometric graphics, so your feeling about the game and your character is completely different.
  • You will have to craft a lot of things to survive while State of Decay is more about fighting.

Both are the best zombie games, they are quite complementary to get all the sensations of a zombie world.

The team of Project Zomboid is always working to improve its game that you can buy on Steam.

Have a look on this great indie game and have fun 😉

My first short adventure in Project Zomboid

I made my character, Tony Montana. The name of a tough guy to bring luck, it was not sufficient.


Here my beginnings in a mobile home. I felt lucky at this time « Oh yes, not much urban, I will not encounter too many zombies! »

Of course I was quite wrong. Yes, there were not too many zombies, but these mobile homes are useless. Little food, not a lot of weapons, and above all, no upstairs to hide from the zombies.

So I decided to look for a real house, with a fridge full of cheese and vegetables, a living room with a baseball-bat, and a bedroom with curtains on the windows. And I found it!


Yes I found it, but there was an alarm! With the best coward decision of all time, I choose to hide in the bedroom upstairs. I heard the windows beeing broken and the zombies knocking on the doors.

Then, with this time the dumbest choice, just after the coward one, I tried to escape by a window, but didn’t know you need nails to make a rope! So I broke my right tibia, Yeeeeeeeeeeees.

A kitchen knife in my hand, I went back to MY house killing several zombies (nice weapon the kitchen knife), and came back in the bedroom to bandage my wound.

I stayed 3 days in this bedroom, only going downstairs to eat and read (my backpack was full). After 3 days of marmot life, I decided to go outside, despite of my fracture.

I went North, no zombies in sight, I saw a cabin with a broken window and went inside. Fate is a game, a cruel game, this small wood house also had an alarm, and all its windows were broken. Of course there was no uptstairs either…


I couldn’t leave because of my fracture, so I fought and was bitten at the torso. After killing 5 zombies, I used my bottle of disinfectant and made a bandage on my wound. I then ate some cans before going to sleep.


I hoped that my bandage was sufficient. I woke up, went to the kitchen and filled my water bottles. Then I ate carrots can, and suddenly I fell on the ground, and the game stopped. Game over, you survived 4 days…

Some seconds later I saw my character standing up, leave the house and walk outside, zombified

Project Zomboid, the game which make you feel like a mouse in a cat world. One wound = death, an alarm = coming ombies, be careful.

I will try again. I need a better name 😉

State of Decay (En)

State of Decay

State of Decay is the closer game you can find to The Walking Dead. We could say it is a mix between The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later, with a pinch of Left for Dead.

Why is it so close to The Walking Dead ?

  • You play in zombie-world and are trying to survive searching houses and driving 80-90′ cars.
  • You lead a community of survivors with some bad-tempered ones.
  • You have to bring back food, medicine, weapons and ammunition, oil and building materials to keep your group alive and improve your camp.
  • Other groups of survivors are outside, you can make business, help them or not…
  • The colors and the design of the game are very close to The Walking Dead.
  • Zombies are everywhere, and they are dead people raising after death.

Why is it a mix with 28 Days Later ?

  • Zombies are able to run ! They also climb windows and can cling to moving cars.
  • Their eyes are bright red.
  • Don’t take them lightly, they are really dangerous.

Where does the pinch from Left for Dead come from ?

  • You have some special zombies but interesting and not overpowered ones :
  • The Screamer, a powerless zombie who however can attrack a lot of its own kind by screaming.
  • The Juggernaut, a massive zombie you only want to avoid.
  • The Bloater, the only one who can kill you after its final death thanks to its poisonous smoke.
  • The Feral, the hunter one you can’t escape, so be armed and prepared !
  • SWAT and Army zombies, just normal zombies with an armor on their back.

The is a great game, you are spending time outside trying to survive and understand what happened. You don’t have heavy weapons and unexpected events may also become obstacles to your schedule.

If it was not in 3D, I could say it is quite close to Project Zomboid for its atmosphere and gameplay. I will write a post on Project Zomboid and you will understand what I mean.

State of Decay is a very good game if you look for something close to The Walking Dead and not too much about survival (like spending 2 hours to get seeds, 6 hours to grow your crops…). This is well balanced between survival management and action.

Graphics, sound and gameplay are good, the story is well written, and the fights and movements are immersive. Only the cars could have had better driving sensations. Some bikes would also have been cool to play a character like Daryl.

If you want to try it and I recommend you to, you can buy State of Decay on Steam.
Also have a glance on State of Decay 2 !

Have a good game 😉

Carmageddon (En)


Welcome to the Death Race ladies and gentlemen.
Take up a position, start your engine, 5-4-3-2-1 GO !


First blood, the one with the race flag !

What a legendary game, I spent hours (days) playing Carmageddon II : Carpocalypse Now.
To be honest, I never was really fond of the race, but instead tried to crush my enemies or to run over everyone.

Carmageddon started in the 90′, this era of strange games and movies, often with a prisoner-punk-psycho-violent main character.

Inspired by the great movie Death Race 2000, the first game was released in 1997, followed by the masterpiece Carmageddon II in 1998, the mythic episode of this saga.
In 2000 was released Carmageddon TDR 2000, a quite bad game.
Back from the dead, Stainless Games got the rights of their original game and released Carmageddon Reincarnation in 2015. I didn’t try it because optimization was bad, but I tried the new Carmageddon Max Damage and it works fine.

To recap, in Carmageddon, you are in a parallel world with a lot of black humor, you have a car, opponents, and you can win by three ways : finish first the race, run over every pedestrians, crush all your enemies.

The cars are totally insane, and there are a lot of boosts and bonuses to catch with your vehicle. It can modify gravity, make yourself more resistant, make the pedestrians bigger…

It is really fun to play Carmageddon, it’s nonsense, you can’t feel like you are in a violent simulation, nothing looks like our world.
I never understood the controversy about this game. Yes, you get points by running over people and even more if you do it artistically, but you don’t drive a realistic car in a real city, it’s pure imagination !
Of course, in 1997, people were not used to gore like nowadays. I have not heard about a controversy for Carmageddon Reincarnation, and it would have been absurd when you glance at games like Battlefield or Call of Duty which often simulate current wars.

If you want to try it, you can start with the extremely good Carmageddon II, you can also give a chance to Carmageddon Max Damage, the update version of Reincarnation.

I almost forgot, don’t drink when driving if you want to win ! 😉