Hello World

Hello World

The magical sentence of development: Hello World!

What a strange world to someone who didn’t explore it since its childhood. I have already told you about my relatively new passion for development, especially web and app development, in this post.

I am learning by myself web development after work for now 1 year and will soon have all my time to do it. My short experience makes me want to share with you my feelings about the hard path of learning programming. Read more about Hello World

Web Development

Web Development learning survival guide

First post of 2018, so I wish you an Happy New Year 😉

I am learning Web Development since May 2017 and I have to admit it is at the same rather easy and very difficult.

Easy because the subject is understandable, this is not nuclear physics.

Difficulte because there are so many different languages, frameworks and libraries, that it is not obvious where to start and where to go.

Read more about Web Development learning survival guide

Software to design

What software to design your RPG?

This article about software to design, is based upon my own experience as a non-professional creator of role-playing games and settings for some years.

It’s too bad that a lot of free stuff for RPGs don’t benefit of a nice design since it is easy to create something correct.

A bad design of your document will tire the reader and I think that when you share with others your creation, you want them to read it, not push it away because it is unreadable.

So I will share with you my point of view about some softwares I am using.

Read more about What software to design your RPG?

Become a Developer

Become a Developer?

My first article about programming since I am learning for 4 months web development with Udemy, a great platform for online courses.

But knowing how to begin to learn programming is already a hard task because there are so many languages and so many ways to learn.

I will share with you how I became interested in programming and why I have chosen Udemy to learn. Read more about Become a Developer?

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